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Who is Ronnie Strasser? 'Dancing Queens' star not a big fan of Sabrina's pro-dancing partner

2023-05-10 06:25
Ronnie Strasser tries not to be jealous about Sabrina spending more time with her dance partner than him
Who is Ronnie Strasser? 'Dancing Queens' star not a big fan of Sabrina's pro-dancing partner

TORONTO, CANADA: Sabrina Strasser has spent her whole life in Toronto, Canada, where she has lived and danced. She attended York University and has worked in a variety of fields. Her enthusiasm for dancing has always been a priority, whether she was in broadcast journalism or real estate. It fused with her entrepreneurial drive when Sabrina launched her own brand of dancer accessories, Sabi Chic, which included duffle bags and loungewear. More importantly, she has also been married to her spouse, Ronnie Strasser, since 2008.

On May 9, the world will get to see the amateur dancer hit the stage on Bravo, along with her supportive husband. Scroll down to find out what is it about his wife's relationship with her pro-partner that's making him a little upset in 'Dancing Queens'.


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Who is Ronnie Strasser?

Ronnie Strasser is the president and chief investment officer of Strasser Asset Management. In December 2022, he bought the Pro Padel League's Miami Padel Club.

Ronnie and Sabrina have committed their expertise and passion to RHA as yearly Gala Chairs for the past few years. Ronnie has been named head of the Building Original Minds initiative. His committee is in charge of RHA's fundraising and will be the driving force behind a five-year capital drive to modernize the school and elevate its academic and extracurricular programs to the next level.

The Strassers' involvement with RHA extends well beyond facilities. It is all about improving Jewish education — that has always been a goal for Ronnie, who has a 32-year-old son and a 30-year-old daughter. Both children, like their father, were C.H.A.T. graduates. Having graduated from Harvard Business School and University of Toronto, he sure has an eye for the right investment opportunity. He was the president of Phantom Industries for almost 40 years now.

Sabrina worked for Ronnie

Sabrina and Ronnie married on January 28, 15 years ago. They now have two daughters, Abigail and Chloe. Sabrina met her hubby when she was 19 years old. Ronnie was 36 years old at that time. She formerly worked for his firm, Strasser Asset Management. During their time together, she realized she was either going to marry him or they were going to hook up. And she did both!

'He touches you more than I do'

Sabrina can be seen informing her family at a dinner table in a trailer for the new Bravo series that she would be gone for a while for her ballroom dance competition. During this time, Sabrina compares her connection with her pro-dance partner, Stanislav Kochergin, to her marriage. Since collaborating, the duo has won every major competition in which they have competed in, at least once. But they had to take a break because Sabrina felt like stabbing her partner in the eye with the back of her heel. At least, metaphorically! Even their instructor believes they "deserve each other." She looks to her spouse and adds, "It's like a marriage, no offense."

Ronnie thinks that trust is the foundation of all relationships. He respects Sabrina as a wife and as a person. But he couldn't bear having another guy having his hands on her body, especially in steamy dance moves. "He touches you more than I do," he groused.

'Dancing Queens' premieres on Bravo on May 9 at 9pm ET/PT and streams next day on Peacock.