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Who is Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella’s boyfriend? ‘GMA’ host’s daughter reveals long-distance relationship in PDA-packed video

2023-08-17 11:52
Isabella Strahan finally introduced her long-distance boyfriend Korbin Pettigrew to the world
Who is Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella’s boyfriend? ‘GMA’ host’s daughter reveals long-distance relationship in PDA-packed video

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘Good Morning America’ star Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella Strahan has finally revealed her long-distance relationship to the world.

The ‘GMA’ host’s 18-year-old daughter recently posted a cute TikTok about her long-distance boyfriend.

Isabella will soon move away from her family to the West Coast to study at the University of California, which will increase the distance between her and her boyfriend.

Isabella, however, did not shy away from showing off her love for her boyfriend and posted a cute clip on Tik Tok in which she walks and skips hand in hand with him.

Who is Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella’s boyfriend?

Isabella Strahan is dating Korbin Pettigrew who plays in the American Legion Baseball State championship.

In the video that Isabella posted on TikTok, the 18-year-old and her boyfriend appear to be in a large parking lot at night.

Isabella wore a pair of tiny white shorts and a black crop top, while her boyfriend dressed similarly in shorts and a baggy tee. The couple walked away from the camera and held hands, before skipping into the distance and embracing.

They then chased each other back to the camera, with Isabella hugging Korbin from behind as he stopped filming.

Isabella later captioned the video, "Now 3000 miles away.”

The ‘GMA’ host’s daughter has modeling aspirations that are supposed to keep her away from friends and family mostly.

The 18-year-old has also decided to attend college in California and has also updated her Instagram bio to show that she'd be graduating from the competitive university in 2027.

Although, this may make her long-distance relationship difficult Korbin and Isabella seem to be going strong.

Korbin Pettigrew returns the favor with a montage

After Isabella shared the clip, Korbin also returned the honor by posting a small montage of their best moments on TikTok.

Set to the song ‘Home’ by Billie Eilish, as featured in the ‘Barbie' movie, Korbin wrote sections of the lyrics on the screen. In the background, a montage of himself and Isabella played throughout.

One shot showed Isabella asleep in bed while he embraced her, while others showed the pair embracing and laughing together.

After many funny or romantic shots of the couple, Korbin ended with an image of the pair staring into each other's eyes in Times Square.

He later captioned the post, "Crown the queen! Miles are just a number," along with a crying emoji.

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