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Who is Jeff Kubiak? ‘GMA’ star Robin Roberts honors children's author with IG post, calls his books 'fantastic'

2023-07-18 17:50
'GMA' star Robin Roberts recently resumed her duties in the studio after spending a brief time in London covering Wimbledon
Who is Jeff Kubiak? ‘GMA’ star Robin Roberts honors children's author with IG post, calls his books 'fantastic'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘Good Morning America’ star Robin Roberts is a beacon of empathy and kindness for her followers. The 62-year-old posts a morning message on her social media channels where she shares a motivational message for everyone to help them power through tough times.

Recently, along with one of those ambitious messages, Robin shared a post highlighting three children's books that she said teach kindness, empathy, and inclusion. Enlightening her followers about these books, Robin spoke about the author behind them and captioned her post, “@Jeffkubiakauthor’s children’s books are fantastic and incredibly sweet. Grateful he is using his gift to share powerful messages of kindness, empathy, and inclusion to young minds…thought I’d share them with you too.”

Who is Jeff Kubiak?

Jeff Kubiak is an educator, author, and speaker in Northern California. Jeff was an elementary school teacher in grades 4, 5, and 6 and has eight years of administrative experience. He strives to connect with students by bringing them real-world experiences, getting to know them, engaging in lessons and play, and becoming a part of the learning process. He often describes his highs as making the US Olympic Swim Team Alternate, being a Pan American Games Gold Medalist, being coach of four-time Olympian Jason Lezak, having an amazing wife, and two lovely children.

The three books that Robin shared in her Instagram posts — ‘It’s Me', ‘One Drop of Kindness’, and ‘Monsters have manners’, were all written by Jeff who vows to do his best to help increase opportunities for all students to feel heard, included, celebrated, challenged and safe. Jeff’s work promotes inspiration for all and gives a fresh perspective for children to embrace kindness, empathy, and inclusion, a mantra that he embodies.

Robin's return to studio

Robin has been missing from all the action back in the studio in the US. The 62-year-old enjoyed her time away from the desk, covering Wimbledon for ‘GMA’ in London. She was accompanied by co-host Lara Spencer and only returned to the show on Monday. However, Robin’s abrupt absence from ‘GMA’s’ Friday broadcast was called into question with co-anchor Michale Strahan also missing for unknown reasons. For now, Robin has resumed her duties in the studio and has started blessing her followers with new content to absorb through her fresh social media posts.

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