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Who is Emily Simpson's mother? 'RHOC' Season 17 star confesses her 'deep-rooted anger' is due to difficult childhood

2023-10-12 08:57
'RHOC' Season 17 star Emily Simpson confesses about her relationship with mother in Reunion Part 2
Who is Emily Simpson's mother? 'RHOC' Season 17 star confesses her 'deep-rooted anger' is due to difficult childhood

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: Emily Simpson confessed in 'Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 17 Reunion that she had a hard childhood. The star then revealed that she did not have a good relationship with her and until now she has some friction with her mother. Emily's mother is Susan.

Susan's social media account is private, therefore, not much is known about her.

Andy Cohen said to Emily in the Reunion, "Seems like a lot of your anger is deeprooted from your childhood." Emily agreed and when asked why does she thinks this has happened, the star explained about her relationship with her mother.

She says, "My relationship with my mom is so hard." She went on to confess, "I don't think I have a relationship with her."

She then recalled talking to her mother the other day on the phone, claiming that her relationship with her is "all over the place."

'RHOC' Season 17 star Emily Simpson's mother struggles with depression

The struggle in Emily's family began when she was just 6-years-old. Her parents were divorced. And, this made Emily's mother "severely depressed."

Susan went on years without talking to her daughters or anyone. Bravo reports Susan "retreated to her house and would not leave." She did not let anyone visit and cut down all the possible connections.

Emily tried writing letters to her mother, but she had no idea whether her mother would return from the depressive phase.

Why did 'RHOC' Season 17 star Emily Simpson's parents divorce?

Emily's father left her mother because of an another woman. Therefore, she grew up mostly with her father's absence in her life. And, that affected Emily a lot as a child.

Emily is thankful that the same is not happening with her kids. On Father's day occasion Emily took to social media to thank her husband Shane Simpson for being a good father.

She wrote, "If I’ve done anything right in this life, it’s making sure my children have the best dad possible @shanesimps."

The star added, "I grew up without a dad, but my babies will never know what that feels like. They will only know the unconditional love of a dad who reads to them, plays monster with them, brushes their hair, gives them baths, never misses a school open house or dance performance, holds their hand, packs their lunches, teaches them right from wrong and shows up every damn day to it all over again."

She then went on to thank Shane "for being the best dad any mother could want for her children." She claimed, "I haven’t always made the smartest decisions in life, but choosing you as the father of my children was bloody brilliant. Happy Fathers Day babe."

'RHOC' Season 17 star Emily Simpson reveals trip with her mother 'wasn't easy'

In early August, we saw Emily posting a bunch of photos with her kids on Instagram. In the caption, the star talked about the trip she took with her mother and kids.

Mentioned the same, she wrote, "I wanted to take the kids on a Mom and my trip before heading back to school next week, so I decided on a four day cruise."

She then continued, "I have to admit, parenting three kids on a vacation alone isn’t easy but the memories we made and fun we had was well worth it! (Tbh there were tears too and I called Shane a few times complaining)."

'RHOC' Season 17 Reunion is available to watch on Bravo.