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Who are Noor Alfallah's siblings? Al Pacino's 29-year-old girlfriend's sister dated Michael Jackson's son Prince

2023-05-31 21:24
Al Pacino, 83, and Noor Alfallah, 29, are expecting their first child together in June 2023
Who are Noor Alfallah's siblings? Al Pacino's 29-year-old girlfriend's sister dated Michael Jackson's son Prince

ALBANY, NEW YORK: Al Pacino, the renowned actor best known for his memorable roles in 'The Godfather' and 'Serpico,' is expecting a child at the age of 83, making him possibly the most senior celebrity in history to do so. Noor Alfallah, his 29-year-old girlfriend, is approximately eight months along in her pregnancy. According to Page Six, the brunette beauty and Pacino were first seen out to dinner in April 2022.

Alfallah rose to prominence after she dated English singer and lyricist Mick Jagger. She was said to be dating millionaire Nicolas Berggruen following her breakup with the 'Beast of Burden' singer. Apart from her high-status relationships, Alfallah is believed to be very close to her sisters. Learn more about Noor Alfallah's sisters here in the midst of the news about the couple's expanding family.

Who are Noor Alfallah's siblings?

Pacino's girlfriend and the mother of his fourth child, film producer Noor Alfallah, was born on December 2, 1993, and she grew up with her two siblings, Remi and Sophia. Reportedly, she is a Kuwaiti American, and her parents are Alana and Falah N Afallah. She attended the University of Southern California, where she earned a degree in film production at the undergraduate level.

Noor is obviously very close with her sisters based on her Instagram. She frequently appears in images with Remi and their younger sister Sophia. Remi works in the entertainment industry too.

The sisters worked together on 'Brosa Nostra', but according to IMDb, Remi has also worked as Lorne Michaels' assistant on 'Saturday Night Live'. In September 2021, the two sisters also agreed to produce pods for Imagine Entertainment in addition to 'Brosa Nostra', per Deadline.

Remi Alfalah once dated Prince Jackson

According to a New York Post report from 2013, the King of Pop’s son Prince Jackson was spotted with his then-girlfriend and schoolmate Remi Alfalah. The young couple went on several outings and were spotted together. They both attended Buckley School in Shermon Oaks, California. Michael Jackson's eldest son planned elaborate dates with Remi, right from taking her to a Rolling Stones concert to more low-key hangouts like a bowling alley and go-kart track.

Some members of the Jackson family claimed that the son of the late King of Pop keeps late hours and disregards Katherine, his guardian, and her numerous requests. A family member said at the time, "He keeps to himself and talks mostly to his girlfriend. No one knows what he’s really thinking. Maybe Remi does." But the two eventually broke up.

Prince Jackson is now dating Molly Schirmang and he took to Instagram to celebrate five years together on March 23. "5 year together," Prince wrote alongside a series of photos of the couple from over the years. "Lots of trips, miles, smiles, meals, desserts and all kinds of adventures in between. Love you babs."

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