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Who are Elys' parents? 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 5 star opens up about 'losing sense of care' because of divorce

2023-07-21 18:28
'Too Hot to Handle' Season 5 star Elys Hutchinson claims to be afraid of deep and meaningful relationships
Who are Elys' parents? 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 5 star opens up about 'losing sense of care' because of divorce

PUNTA MITA, MEXICO: After several tests, Elys Hutchinson was seen finally finding her perfect match in 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 5. Alex Snell and Elys have been vibing pretty well in the show. But, a new twist in the storyline forced them to form a connection on a deeper level.

Lana gave the contestants a watch in 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 5's new episodes. These watches were meant to turn green seeing the emotional connection of each couple, indeed giving them free passes for physical intimacy. It seemed Elys needed the physical connection the most. But, she wasn't okay with opening up about her emotions. The star struggled because of her past trauma connected to her parents. This sparked fans' interest in knowing about Elys' parents.

Who are Elys Hutchinson's parents?

Born on August 8, 1999, Elys comes from an influential family background. Her father is a famous businessman while her mother, Pamela Hutchinson, worked as a language teacher. Growing up as part of the Hutchinson family wasn't easy for Elys. She changed 11 schools throughout her childhood. And, before coming to the show she faced a tense situation back at home. Elys' parents got divorced after being together for 30 years. And, this made her realize that most relationships are not built to last. She says in the show, "I definitely find it hard talking about my feelings."

Why is Elys Hutchinson scared of deep and meaningful relationships?

Elys feels like every relationship she commits to "never work out." She claims the reason, "Because when your parents go through a really heavy divorce, I think that has really made me struggle." She added, "I just lost the sense of caring." Elys is scared of relationships ever since her parents got scared and she has seen how sour things can get. She claims, "I just sometimes find it difficult to, kind of, throw myself into really meaningful relationships."

Thankfully, Elys got past her fear in 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 5. She opened up about her family to Alex. While on a date she confesses to Alex, "I think that when your parents go through divorce after 30 years you just think 'What's the point?'" She further confessed her parent's divorce is the reason why she does not open up emotionally to people and never looks for long-term commitment.

Let us further wait to see whether Elys will continue her relationship with Alex despite all her fears or leave him in the end. 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 5 releases new episodes every Friday on Netflix.