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Where is Robin Roberts? ‘GMA’ anchor skips show as she heads to Paris for work trip

2023-05-16 11:17
Robin Roberts might be missing from 'GMA', but she always lets her fans know about her whereabouts via her social media pages
Where is Robin Roberts? ‘GMA’ anchor skips show as she heads to Paris for work trip

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘GMA’ has seen several hosts over the years and in different segments, but some of them have truly become fan favorites, and Robin Roberts is one of them. Roberts isn’t just a brilliant host but is devotedly committed to ‘GMA’ and her fans, and that often reflects on her social media pages. Speaking of social media, Roberts has recently updated ‘GMA’ viewers and her fans about her whereabouts, and she’s all the way in Paris, France!

If you think Roberts has gone MIA from the talk show and is vacationing in Paris, then you might have to dig a little deeper into her socials, because, by the looks of it, it isn’t a leisure trip. Even when not in America, Roberts never stops working. We’ve all watched ‘Emily in Paris’ but it might be time for ‘Robin in Paris’ next!


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Why is Robin Roberts in Paris?

Roberts made sure that while she was missing from her chair on ‘GMA’ her socials were well-updated so the viewers and her fans weren’t left wondering about her whereabouts. Roberts took to Twitter as she tweeted her view in Paris and wrote, “Bonjour America! #MondayMotivation.” Fans were thrilled for her as they wished her well from America! While her tweet might have been cryptic and leisure-like, her recent Instagram post clarified that this was indeed a work trip as she writes, “Heading to Paris on a work assignment.”

On her Instagram post, instead of a picture of the Eiffel Tower, Roberts lets her fans in on a childhood memory attached to JFK airport and Paris. Frankly, it is rather sweet that Roberts makes sure that her fans are well connected to her and additionally have the space to share some of their beloved memories too.

This isn’t Robert’s first absence from ‘GMA’

Last week, Roberts disappeared from ‘GMA’ for only a little while and came back soon after with an explanation. Roberts was occupied with walking the streets of New York to honor National Walking Month. Any time Roberts is missing from her desk and you want to make sure she’s still around or need updates about her whereabouts, her Twitter is the place to be! Roberts might have been MIA a couple of times from the desk, but she never stops working!

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