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When will TLC 'Crack Addict' air? Release date, time and how to watch show starring chiropractor Dr Alessandra Colon

2023-05-23 15:56
Brace yourself for spine-tingling transformations as Dr Alessandra Colon showcases her exceptional skills in TLC's 'Crack Addict'
When will TLC 'Crack Addict' air? Release date, time and how to watch show starring chiropractor Dr Alessandra Colon

PALM BEACH ISLAND, FLORIDA: Get ready for 'Crack Addicts' featuring extraordinary chiropractic magic. This captivating show takes you on an unforgettable journey of bone-cracking brilliance. With social media buzzing over mesmerizing chiropractic videos, this dedicated show promises to deliver the ultimate joint-popping experience.

Brace yourself for spine-tingling transformations, as this humourous chiropractor showcases her exceptional skills, leaving viewers in awe. Get ready to crack your bones, and pop your joints as there is a new medical show in town after 'Pimple Popper.' The show 'Crack Addicts,' will be the ultimate bone-cracking sensation.


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When to watch 'Crack Addict'?

TLC medical series, 'Crack Addict', premieres on Wednesday, May 24, at 10 pm EST.

Where to watch 'Crack Addict'?

Brace yourself for a journey where all bones will be broken to perfection till the pain is relieved. Expect the unexpected, as 'Crack Addicts' takes you on a thrilling ride on TLC.

Who stars in 'Crack Addict'?

Dr Alessandra Colon

Dr Alessandra Colon is a compassionate healthcare professional who has overcome Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer, igniting her passion for health and wellness. With a Bachelor of Science degree and a Doctorate of Chiropractic, she combines her sports therapy, rehabilitation, internal medicine, and nutrition expertise to provide holistic care. Driven by her commitment to global well-being, Dr Colon has offered free chiropractic care to over 4,000 individuals in the Grenadines, the Dominican Republic, and India. She believes in a whole-person approach to wellness, focusing on the root causes of dysfunction and making lifestyle adjustments to optimize daily function. Dr Colon's family life is also very subtle and simple as she has a husband whom she shares her son with.

What is 'Crack Addict' about?

The groundbreaking medical series that delves into the world of chiropractic medicine is led by Dr Colon and her exceptional team. Witness the awe-inspiring expertise as they tackle extreme cases, bringing hope and life-changing transformations to patients with rare and debilitating conditions. Through snaps, cracks, and pops, Dr Colon provides unparalleled pain relief, improves the quality of life, and sends patients home happier and healthier. Get ready for a jaw-dropping reality show, coming to TLC, where bones crack, joints pop, and bodies twist into great positions. With a touch of humor, Dr Colon heals patients using the power of chiropractic adjustment.

What is the latest buzz around 'Crack Addict'?

The comment section is ablaze with an outpouring of love and eager anticipation from fans, eagerly counting down the days until the show graces their screens. One user on Instagram wrote, "Omg... I love going to the chiropractor! Getting my lower back cracked is the best! Can't wait for the show." Another one added, "Can’t wait to watch this show", Some of the users also added on how this could possibly be the best medical show ever and said, "This is gonna be the best medical series ever" while another one added, "Ouuu yeah I love these bone popping videos on insta, I will love a show about it, Might just be the best medical show on TLC."

'Crack Addict' premieres on Wednesday, May 24, at 10 pm EST on TLC.

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