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When will 'Love & Death' Episode 5 air on HBO Max?

2023-05-10 16:16
Candy's story is now movie toward something really bizarre and fans can't to see what happens in the next episode
When will 'Love & Death' Episode 5 air on HBO Max?

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: HBO Max's true-crime series ‘Love & Death’ has been one of the few series that has managed to tell the story of a heinous crime with precision. The series tells the true story of Candy Montgomery and her affair with Allan Gore. Both are married to their respective partners, but to spice up things, they start an extra-marital affair. In the first three episodes, we saw Candy and Allan starting the affair while trying to keep everything hidden from their partners. However, the fourth episode turned out to be the most riveting one because Allan’s wife finally got to know that Candy was having an affair with her husband.

For the uninitiated, Allan (Jesse Plemons) ended the affair after attending the couples’ camp. As soon as Betty got to know about the affair, she confronted Candy and told her that she can’t have him. At first, she was going to forget everything, but Candy’s sympathy turned out to be lethal for her. Betty (Lily Rabe) went berserk and brought an axe with her. If you know the real-life story, you know who got killed that day. If you don’t, then it was Betty who had to lose her life.


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The investigation has begun and Allan has told the authorities that he was having an affair with Candy. On the other hand, one of the policemen is having doubts that Candy is being truthful. Things are getting intense on the show and fans can’t wait for the next episode to arrive. Let’s take a look at when the fifth episode of the HBO series will premiere.

When will ‘Love & Death’ episode 5 premiere?

Luckily, the series seems to be not going for any kind of break and because it is a limited series, ‘Love & Death’ will continue to air on HBO Max as per the original schedule. The fifth episode, ‘The Arrest’, will premiere on Thursday, April 11, 2023, at 3:01 am EST.

As per the title’s episode, things are looking bleak for Candy because the police will make an arrest in Betty’s murder case. If the police manage to find evidence against Candy, they will take her in custody and will be put on trial.

Let’s see what happens in the upcoming episode.