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What is Taylor Swift’s net worth? Singer raked in cash this year as 'The Eras Tour' pulled up US economy

2023-10-27 21:18
Forbes reported that Swift has been earning between $10 million and $13 million from each concert stop
What is Taylor Swift’s net worth? Singer raked in cash this year as 'The Eras Tour' pulled up US economy

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: According to Bloomberg, Taylor Swift attained billionaire status in 2023 during her highly successful 'The Eras Tour.' The news source indicates Taylor Swift's estimated wealth to be $1.1 billion.

How much did Taylor Swift earn from ‘The Eras Tour’?

Forbes reported that the 12-time Grammy-winning singer has been earning between $10 million and $13 million from each concert stop.

Till now, the ‘Lover’ singer has performed in 53 stops in the US and an additional four stops in Mexico.

Following a brief hiatus, Swift will continue the South America segment of her massively popular tour, which caused Ticketmaster to experience high demand, next month.

After the holiday season, Swift is scheduled to take her tour to Europe and Asia before performing at a few stops in America.

'The Eras Tour,' consisting of 146 stops, is scheduled to conclude in November 2024, unless the singer chooses to include additional tour dates.

While Swift’s 53 concerts in the US have added $4.3 billion to the GDP of the USA, Bloomberg reports that her ‘The Eras Tour’ has generated more than $700 million in ticket sales.

Swift, being a generational artist, is one of the very few performers to take home about 85% of the total earnings generated in a concert tour, reported Forbes.

An average ticket for a 'The Eras Tour' concert stop is priced at approximately $254, but many fans purchase them for higher prices on the resale market.

Swift also has one of the most ardent fan bases in the whole world, who lovingly call themselves the "Swifties."

The Swifties are not just purchasing tickets to attend her concerts but are also splurging on a substantial amount of money to buy the regularly released merchandise.

Per Forbes, the on-site merchandise, which is sold at an average of $80, has presumably added another $87 million to her gargantuan wealth.

Money earned from 'The Eras Tour' movie

Swift not only earned a hefty sum of money from her concert stops of 'The Eras Tour' but also earned big from the concert movie.

According to Bloomberg, after releasing on October 13, the concert film raked in $92.8 million in the opening weekend.

The film has garnered over $178.7 million in its two-week long run and going stronger every day, per Box Office Mojo.

Swift's 2014 album '1989' is also getting a re-recording and is set to release on October 27. The New York Times has predicted the album can be her biggest re-recording yet.

The 'Love Story' singer, who is already a cultural phenomenon, is expected to rise up more in stardom with the re-recorded album which will feature five additional previously unreleased songs.

Other earnings of Taylor Swift

The Bloomberg report included details of Swift's earnings from other avenues as well. the outlet revealed that Swift has earned an estimated amount of $400 million from the music released since 2019.

While she has earned an estimated $370 million from ticket sales and merchandise, Swift also raked in $80 million in royalties from music sales.

YouTube and Spotify added around $120 million to her total earnings. The 33-year-old also has an impressive portfolio of real estate worth $110 million.

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