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What is Tammy Slaton's current weight? '1000-lb Sisters' star cheats on her diet by eating unhealthy food

2023-08-24 15:15
'1000-lb Sisters' star Tammy Slaton was seen cheating on her diet again as she cooked a fairly unhealthy meal
What is Tammy Slaton's current weight? '1000-lb Sisters' star cheats on her diet by eating unhealthy food

DIXON, KENTUCKY: '1000-lb Sisters' star Tammy Slaton has yet again fallen into the trap of unhealthy food as the TLC star was spotted cheating on her diet. She underwent bariatric surgery in the summer of 2022. She currently weighs around 375 lbs, according to ScreenRant.

Tammy had spent the better part of Season 4 in a rehab facility in Ohio and shed enough weight to undergo bariatric surgery successfully.

Tammy Slaton, who is famous for starring on the TLC show '1000-lb Sisters', underwent an incredible weight loss transformation and her family and followers were very happy.

The internet was, however, concerned when she posted a series of pictures showcasing the unhealthy food she cooked, apparently for her family. Nobody wants her to cheat on her diet again and continue a journey toward a healthy lifestyle as it will help in keeping her away from future health concerns.

'1000-lb Sisters' star Tammy Slaton spurs concerns about her diet

Tammy Slaton spaked concern on social media when she shared a post on Instagram about her latest home-cooked meal, which looked rather unhealthy to some.

"Even though I can’t eat much doesn’t mean my family shouldn’t eat good and I’m finally able to show off my cooking skills just cool me chef TT or chef TamTam lol," she wrote in the caption.

Tammy, 37, uploaded six photos that showed a variety of foods such as chicken, a baked casserole/dish topped with shredded cheese, pieces of breaded and fried meat, mac n' cheese, and a mix containing green beans, pork, and potatoes.

The last photo in the post was a selfie of the TLC star showing off her slim frame while sitting in front of the table of food.

As Tammy demonstrated her cooking skills at home, many of her fans took to the comments section to point out how unhealthy the food looked.

One user commented, "Tammy stay away from cooking. Too tempting cook your own healthy meals for yourself. Slippery slope. Your Family can cook their own meals. Don’t look for excuses to be around unhealthy foods."

Another user wrote, "Sorry Tammy, but all of this looks not very healthy. There’s so much tasty food out there in the world with less fat in it 🥴"

Tammy Slaton underwent bariatric surgery and shed 300 lbs

Tammy Slaton has shed a considerable amount of weight. Tammy Salton is estimated to weigh 375 pounds. At the start of TLC's '1000-lb Sisters', Tammy had been struggling with her weight for years.

Though she tried to slim down on their own, it was becoming clear that medical intervention would be necessary for Tammy, and helpful too. She consulted an Atlanta-based bariatric surgeon, who tried to help her with the difficult endeavor.

With more weight to lose and her health at high risk, Tammy had a hard time embracing healthier eating habits and facing her issues head-on. While Tammy did try to deal with her problems, it took a medical emergency and a near-death experience to truly get her on track with a healthier lifestyle.

After working with doctors in a weight loss rehab facility, Tammy finally had her weight loss surgery during '1000-lb Sisters' Season 4. After which, she is looking better than ever.

During '1000-lb Sisters' Season 1, Tammy weighed over 700 lbs. She needed to lose weight and do so quickly, but had trouble following her doctor's diet and exercise plan.

There were times when the TLC star gained weight at check-ins, which discouraged her. After Tammy's medical emergency, and throughout her first few weeks in rehab, she lost 100 lbs but soon began to struggle again.

After over a year in rehab, Tammy finally reached her goal weight. She weighed in at 534 pounds and was able to get approved for weight loss surgery. Following her surgery, Tammy is looking incredible in the shots she's posted on her Instagram account.

Tammy Slaton's husband Caleb Willingham died in July 2023

Tammy Slaton's husband Caleb Willingham died at the age of 40. He had appeared on the TLC reality show. The couple reportedly separated months after getting married in 2022.

The news of Caleb Willingham’s death was confirmed by his stepmother Shirley Willingham. Willingham died at an Ohio obesity clinic but the cause of his death has not been revealed.

Tammy Slaton has shared a touching note after her husband’s death and posted pictures with him. "Rip sweet angel you will forever be missed and loved so much thank you Caleb for showing me real love and happiness,” Tammy wrote on Instagram.

Slaton and Willingham first met at the Rehabilitation Centre in Gibsonburg, Ohio, in 2022. Celeb proposed to her in October, and they got married in November at the rehab center in a low-key ceremony attended by close friends and family.

Who is '1000-lb Sisters' star Tammy Slaton?

Tammy Slaton is a reality TV personality who gained fame for her appearance in the TLC series '1000-lb Sisters' alongside her sister Amy Slaton. The show documents their weight loss journey and personal struggles.

Tammy has faced numerous health complications due to her obesity, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and respiratory issues. She has also faced criticism for her unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices. However, she has been vocal about her desire to lose weight and improve her health.

Tammy Slaton has been open about her struggles with food addiction and unhealthy eating habits, which have contributed to her weight gain. She has faced criticism from viewers and medical professionals for her lifestyle choices, but she remains determined to lose weight and improve her health.

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