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What is MrBeast’s Olympic challenge? Fans back YouTuber, say ‘haters gonna find a way to be mad’ after participants injured

2023-06-17 15:27
MrBeast has reportedly brought participants from all over the world to take part in an Olympic-style sporting event
What is MrBeast’s Olympic challenge? Fans back YouTuber, say ‘haters gonna find a way to be mad’ after participants injured

GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA: A number of participants in MrBeast's recent Olympic-style challenge are said to have been hurt while filming, which has put the YouTube star in the spotlight. Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast is well recognized for his extravagant productions with several performers who are often contesting against one another. The most recent one seems to be similar to the drama series Squid Game but the focus seems to be on Olympic sports.

Reports indicate representatives from all over the world had been brought in by MrBeast to take part in the extravagant sporting event, which included a variety of events including running, hurdles, and obstacle courses. Although a large monetary award is anticipated for the winners, the specifics are still unknown.

What is MrBeast's Olympic challenge?

According to TMZ, MrBeast and his team were recording a sporting event when a sad situation occurred. “MrBeast was working on an upcoming video with athletic challenges, and there were three minor medical issues out of almost 200 participants. Medical personnel attended to the people immediately and released them shortly after,” a representative said.

More than 730 videos have been produced by MrBeast's crew for his main channel, and no such incidents are known to have occurred before this. According to sources, the three contestants only had minor wounds and after they received medical care, filming began.

Sports competitions may leave participants hurt, especially if they haven't had any training or preparation previously. Having said that, it appears like the video was ultimately shot. Prior to uploading any video, MrBeast and his staff will make sure to put it through a thorough editing process. The team hasn't made any public statements except for the clarification that it was only three people and the injuries were minor.

‘Haters gonna find a way to be mad’

As news sources reported the story, fans defended the YouTuber, claiming that three injuries out of 200 spectators at a major sporting event are not a cause for discussion. A user tweeted, “3 minor injuries, really, here comes the mr beast haters saying the stupidest s**t in the book” whereas another user said, “3 out of 200? Sounds pretty good. Athletes get injured quite frequently I imagine.” Another fan defended MrBeast, saying, “Why is this news? Three people...minor better,” whereas one said, “Dude who cares about "minor injuries". Its athletic challenges, this is unavoidable with so many participants.”

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