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What is motorboating? Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen turn up the heat despite Michael Jordan's disapproval

2023-07-07 16:22
Marcus Jordan was captured on camera motorboating his girlfriend Larsa Pippen on her 49th birthday
What is motorboating? Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen turn up the heat despite Michael Jordan's disapproval

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Marcus Jordan, son of NBA legend Michael Jordan, was seen motorboating his girlfriend Larsa Pippen in a newly-released clip on Marcus' Instagram stories. Marcus is clearly dismissive of his father's disapproval as he got hot and heavy with his 'The Real Housewives' girlfriend who celebrated her 49th birthday on Thursday, July 6. The 32-year-old basketball player's father Michael, an NBA legend, has openly disapproved of his relationship with the TV personality. But Marcus was spotted smoking hookah from Larsa's cleavage while they danced to 50 Cent's 'P.I.M.P.' in a busy club.

When Michael Jordan was recently grilled by the media about whether he approves of his son Marcus' romance with the 'RHOM' star, he responded with a curt but unequivocal "No". Marcus and Larsa have a 17-year age gap, but so do Michael and his wife, who are 16 years apart in age. Larsa was previously married to Michael's basketball competitor, Scottie Pippen, as per Daily Mail.

What is motorboating?

According to Urban Dictionary, motorboating is the act of placing one's face between a woman's breasts, rapidly turning one's head from side to side, and producing a motorboat-like noise, such as "bbl bbl bbl bbl bbl..."

Marcus was seen motorboating Larsa!

Marcus was spotted smoking a hookah from a mouthpiece that was tucked beneath the top of Larsa's dress, blowing smoke out towards her breasts, and then proceeding to motorboat her. The 'The Real Housewives' star wore a black minidress with cutouts and a plunging neckline as she posed in the sensual outfit to celebrate turning one year older.

Marcus also wished his girlfriend Larsa a happy birthday by posting a variety of other pictures of her on his Instagram. The two started dating in September 2022. He posted several old photos of the star and the two of them together.

The mother of four also posted on her own Instagram account to mark her 49th birthday on Thursday, July 6. She posed on top of a comfortable bed in coral-colored lingerie that included a bra and lace undergarments. Her long hair fell in soft waves beyond her shoulders, and she added a flamboyant touch with a sparkling necklace and rhinestone earrings.

'Marcus and Larsa are really happy'

The birthday posts were made shortly after Marcus' NBA star father, Michael Jordan, publicly disapproved of his son and Larsa's relationship. Michael's most recent rejection of the couple's relationship stands in stark contrast to an interview Larsa gave on 'The Tamron Hall Show,' where she claimed that Marcus' parents were "fine" with their relationship.

The couple also discussed their age difference with E! News last month in June. Marcus added that while he has a reputation for being an "old soul," his partner has a younger heart. He further added, "I just feel like we meet somewhere in the middle. Age is just a number, but I think maturity and life experience really dictate the relationship."

According to a source quoted in an Us Weekly article on Wednesday, July 5, "Marcus and Larsa are really happy and focusing on their relationship." The pair started a podcast last month called 'Separation Anxiety,' with the first episode airing on June 12.

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