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What happened to ‘The Odd Couple’? Co-writer of Matthew Perry’s show wishes ‘vulnerable’ star had a second chance at success

2023-10-30 18:54
Joe Keenan claimed Matthew Perry, like anyone who enjoyed early fame, yearned for a second act
What happened to ‘The Odd Couple’? Co-writer of Matthew Perry’s show wishes ‘vulnerable’ star had a second chance at success

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Despite the show's cultural influence and critical acclaim, 'The Odd Couple' faced challenges related to its ratings due to its inability to secure consistently high viewership numbers.

Joe Keenan, a co-writer on Matthew Perry's show 'The Odd Couple', recently shared his thoughts and heartfelt wishes for the late star. Perry died at the age of 54 due to an apparent drowning at his Pacific Palisades home on Saturday, October 28.

Matthew Perry's personal struggles unveiled during 'The Odd Couple'

Keenan recalled a few afternoons spent at Perry's house, co-rewriting the pilot for 'The Odd Couple' after CBS rejected Perry's initial draft.

During their collaboration, the beloved 'Friends' star revealed a poignant truth about his life.

Keenan shared, "At one point I said that when I was stuck on a story problem, a walk often helped me solve it. Perry said, 'I can't really do that.'"

Keenan questioned, "Where could he walk just to think and not be mobbed by fans?"

The sentiment was a reflection of Perry's unique predicament. Success had made him a global icon, but it also came with the burden of constant public attention.

Matthew Perry's unfulfilled second act

Further, 'The Odd Couple', a show that aimed to be Perry's next venture, didn't quite achieve the heights of success that 'Friends' did.

The character of Oscar in the show didn't align perfectly with Perry's "ironic self-deprecation, which was his greatest comedic gift."

However, Keenan emphasized the essence of Perry, describing him as "a sweet, funny, honest, vulnerable man" who, like anyone who enjoys early fame, yearned for a second act.

"He got one with his book and work on behalf of other addicts. But I feel sad today for myself and for everyone who loved him that he never got a chance to do more of what he did so incredibly well," stated Keenan

Tributes pour in for the late Matthew Perry

Netizens mourned Perry's loss while appreciating his work.

A user tweeted, "I absolutely love behind the scenes anecdotes. Thank you for this gem. How strange it must be to not be able to do something as simple as take a walk."

Another added, "I was lucky enough to go to the taping of one of the show’s episodes. It was a fun experience watching them be creative and funny. I always hoped to see him in more shows and movies."

A third claimed, "Several years ago I was walking up Broadway near Lincoln Center and suddenly there photographers walking backwards in front of me and I realized that I was in lock step with Matthew Perry. I turned to him and said "this must be awful". He replied" you have no idea"."

"He was so excellent in Studio 60, Sorkin is tailor-suited for his style. So sad it never got a chance," read a tweet.

"I hate that he struggled for so long after bringing laughter to millions. I hope at the (too soon) end of his life, he had some peace, and knew he was loved. May his memory be a blessing. #matthewperry," stated a user.

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