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What happened to MrBeast's ex-editor Matt Turner? Here's what he is up to

2023-06-04 16:48
Matt Turner started a custom rug shop and took part in a reality show after his stint with MrBeast
What happened to MrBeast's ex-editor Matt Turner? Here's what he is up to

BRIDGEWATER, MASSACHUSETTS: James Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is one of the most well-known figures on YouTube due to his excellent content and unparalleled understanding of the site's algorithm. The 24-year-old has had to work really hard to get to this point, and he continues to do so to maintain his fame and influence. However, he has always had a great team to help him, and he makes sure to give them the credit and treatment they deserve.

His previous video editor, Matt Turner, is a shining example of this, keeping MrBeast's content crispy and engaging. As time went on, Matt left the group in search of better opportunities and growth.

What is Matt Turner up to?

After reaching an agreement with MrBeast, Turner left the group in 2018. The main editor made the decision to begin a new chapter of his life because he wanted to explore new options. He started handmaking rugs during the Covid pandemic, and toward the end of 2021, Matt and his girlfriend Megan Belmonte established a store called Rug Shack in Central Square, Bridgewater. This endeavor aimed to provide exposure to local artists.

Turner spent his time giving BSU students free lessons before starting this company. The former editor's actions demonstrated his kind nature and commitment to the neighborhood.

While Turner was enjoying this minor victory in his new chapter, he was informed of a significant development. He was chosen as one of the 16 candidates for Season 24 of CBS's 'Big Brother'.

The MrBeast controversy

Matt Turner saw several setbacks throughout his successful period as he initially accused MrBeast of bullying. It swiftly turned against him, though, as different family members had different viewpoints.

In a tweet against Matt Turner, his sister Holly Turner detailed how he had tormented her as a young child. She stated, "Just heard that my younger brother, Matt Turner, is on Big Brother this season. FYI: this kid bullied me my entire life. in 2020, when I was jobless and homeless, staying at my parents house for lack of a better place to go, he randomly showed up when he didn't need to." She continued to explain her story in the rest of the thread, calling him "a piece of s**t" with "charming manipulation tactics." Since none of his supporters anticipated this from him, the news was quite depressing to hear.

However, Turner still appeared on Season 24 of 'Big Brother' and placed third. Moreover, in December 2022, Turner and his now-fiancee Belmonte announced that they will be closing the Rug Shack by the end of the year. He still makes custom rugs, and Belmonte and him are following their dream of "JUST being artists."

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