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UFC champ Sean Strickland reacts to Joe Rogan hailing him for ‘heroic’ action against trespasser

2023-12-02 17:59
Sean Strickland, the middleweight champion of the UFC, recently confronted a trespasser in his driveway
UFC champ Sean Strickland reacts to Joe Rogan hailing him for ‘heroic’ action against trespasser

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Recently, Sean Strickland, the UFC middleweight champion, experienced a bizarre incident involving a trespasser at his home. This event caught the attention of Joe Rogan, who discussed it on an episode of the 'JRE' podcast. Strickland, known for his candid nature, shared his reaction to Rogan's comments on the situation through social media.

As Strickland gears up for his first title defense at UFC 297 against the up-and-coming Dricus du Plessis, this unusual encounter added an unexpected twist to his preparations. The champion's thoughts on Rogan's take on the trespassing incident have sparked interest among fans and followers of both the UFC and the 'JRE' podcast.

Sean Strickland's reacts to Joe Rogan's take on the situation

Evan Hafer was recently Joe Rogan's guest on the JRE show. The CCTV footage of Sean Strickland addressing the intruder who had broken into his residence was displayed there. Taking note of this, Rogan said that the trespasser's decision to break into the UFC fighter's home was not always their own.

“That’s karma. That’s the universe sending you to the wrong spot,” Rogan said.

In response to Joe Rogan's remarks, Sean Strickland asserted that those who wait reap the greatest benefits. That did not, however, apply to the intruder who entered his land. He hoped that the intruder had just gone going rather than keeping him at gunpoint.

“Good things come to those who wait… unless you’re that guy… lol shoulda kept running..,” Strickland said.

Sean Strickland's encounter with the trespasser

The middleweight noticed a man enter his property while going about his usual day at home. He first believed that someone was attempting to take his automobile. But that wasn't the situation. The intruder had attacked a girl and was intoxicated. He then broke into his car and began to run from security agents, finally taking refuge in Strickland's home.

Sean Strickland tweeted, "Naa man... the guy was beating up a girl and fled drunk from security, wrecked his car, drove on the rim till it couldn't drive, and took off on foot hiding at my house. Had to turn himself in to police in the morning."

When Sean Strickland noticed the guy coming into his farm, he did not take it lightly. He approached the man, brandishing his revolver, and put him under duress. After making the police call, Strickland stayed there with the intruder until the cops showed up.

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