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Tristan Tate takes aim at Amanda Holden's bikini photo, urges fans to engage their minds in 'books': 'Utter conman'

2023-08-03 19:57
Tristan Tate asserted that he did not learn about history after watching 52-year-old Amanda Holden
Tristan Tate takes aim at Amanda Holden's bikini photo, urges fans to engage their minds in 'books': 'Utter conman'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Tristan Tate's recent confrontation with 'Britain's Got Talent' judge Amanda Holden has sparked controversy. In a tweet that gained significant traction, Tate criticized Holden's bikini picture on Twitter, dismissing it as an embarrassing display from a 52-year-old.

Tate does not hesitate to express his strong disapproval of certain public figures' actions, often using social media to air his grievances. While this attitude may earn him attention and followers, it also opens him up to criticism and negative feedback from those who disagree with his approach.

'Whatever she’s making'

In a recent tweet, Tate expressed his disapproval of Holden's outfit, while aligning himself with his brother Andrew's previous remarks about Holden's actions resembling that of a teenager. Tate stated that he acquired knowledge about history without resorting to observing a 52-year-old woman, who is both a wife and mother, embarrass herself in an attempt to illustrate historical lessons. Urging his audience to shift their attention away from Holden's antics, he asked his fans to read books.

Tate wrote, "I learned about history without having to look at a naked 52 year old wife and mother embarrass herself to demonstrate it. Books > whatever she’s making."

'Utter conman'

Tate's criticism of Holden triggered a significant response from netizens, who swiftly took to X to share their perspectives. One user wrote, "You're just jealous you weren't able to monetize it from your basement. Utter conman." Another user wrote, "Just crazy what people do to jump on the unstoppable Tate train? Or did she get blackmailed?" A user stated, "They do everything for the Matrix, really. This is pretty funny." A user commented, "Your brother don’t like books."

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