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Tristan Tate spotted in his Lada flirting with woman at gas station, dismisses his 'suit game' critics as 'dorks'

2023-08-16 21:20
Tristan Tate asserted he did not flirt with the woman he met during his ride in the Lada
Tristan Tate spotted in his Lada flirting with woman at gas station, dismisses his 'suit game' critics as 'dorks'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Tristan Tate does not lag behind his brother, Andrew, when it comes to flaunting luxurious cars. In a recent post on X, Tate proudly flaunted his vintage Lada, recounting an intriguing anecdote of an encounter with a woman during a ride in the said car.

Tristan's posts on platform 'X' consistently reflect the fact that this provocative influencer doesn't shy away from exhibiting his distinctive fashion taste. In a separate tweet, Tristan recounts an incident where an Instagram user criticized his 'suit game'.

Tristan Tate shares 'flirtatious' memory from his Lada ride

Tate turned to 'X' to recount an incident that took place after he was released from house arrest.

Tate narrated how, while at a gas station, a girl complimented his car, to which he responded with a wink and a smile, saying, "Don’t worry, my other car is a Bugatti." This playful interaction led to her laughing as he drove away.

Tate goes on to express that someday, the girl might come across his car-related videos and recognize that he was not making false claims.

Tate wrote, "Out in the Lada a girl at the gas station said “nice car”. With a wink and a smile I said “don’t worry my other car is a Bugatti. She laughed, I drove off. One day she will see my car content videos and realise I wasn’t lying 😅. Wasn’t flirting anyway ✝️ I walk with Christ."

In a separate tweet, Tate shares a screenshot of a critic in a suit and expressed his frustration toward him for disparaging his "suit game." He remarked that the internet revealed the unvarnished truth and could not be fabricated.

Tate pointed out that the individuals who criticized his choice of suits often resembled the ones making the negative comments. He humorously suggested that these critics should consider concealing their Instagram profiles next time.

Tate wrote, "The internet ladies and gentlemen. You can’t make it up. This is what the dorks who criticise my suit game look like. Next time hide your IG."

Tristan Tate's fans assert the Lada is cooler than the Bugatti

Tate's recollection brought out a number of reactions on 'X'.

One user wrote, "I don't see how you fit in it." Another wrote, "Cooler than the Bugatti." A third stated, "W Tristan as always. Let them DNG‘s talk s**t about you, their life is to boring."

A fourth commented, "Another topGphobic. No match for the @TateTheTalisman."

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