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Tristan Tate shares emotional conversation with Ukrainian woman seeking help 'to fight Russians'

2023-09-20 19:18
A Ukrainian woman messaged Tristan Tate, seeking his help. Here's what Tate replied
Tristan Tate shares emotional conversation with Ukrainian woman seeking help 'to fight Russians'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Tristan Tate has revealed a recent emotional conversation that he had with the daughter of an old Ukrainian man conscripted into the war.

Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian Federation to launch a military strike against neighboring Ukraine in February 2022, and the conflict has been ongoing since.

Nineteen months after the conflict, there is still no real peace, despite the fact that thousands of people have died. Controversial influencer Tristan Tate recently posted images of a conversation he had with a Ukrainian woman on X.

Tristan Tate's emotional conversation with Ukrainian woman

According to Tate's post, the woman is the daughter of a 50-year-old man who the Ukrainian government allegedly drove into the conflict and who is now attempting to raise $5,000 to acquire a truck to fight in.

Tristan Tate's tweet read, “A 50-year-old Ukrainian man in poor physical condition with no training was mobilised and sent to fight the Russians. He’s trying to get hold of 5,000 dollars to buy a Toyota truck to go fight in. His daughter messaged me, this was the conversation. I [redacted] hate this war.”

The screenshots show Tristan Tate attempting to persuade the older man's daughter to accept a prison sentence rather than joining the battle.

He expressed anger that the Ukrainian government previously got $75 billion from the US to aid their war effort, yet the father still had to raise money to purchase a truck.

He said, "The Americans gave Ukraine 75 billion dollars!!!!! Zelensky and his friends are buying mansions, cocaine and h****rs. They cannot afford 5000 for your father to have a truck to go die in?"

He went on to say, "Where is the money? Where?! He needs a stupid Toyota to go get himself killed. And the Ukrainian government has 75 billion of American money.”

Tristan Tate's fans ask him to beware of scam

As soon as Tate's tweet went viral, it caught the attention of many. A fan of Tate claimed that the abovementioned female was trying to scam him for money. He wrote, "This one was scamming you for that $5K."

To this Tate claimed that the story is real, "I know her very well, the story is true."

Another fan questioned Tate's suggestion to accept prison, "Would Ukrainian prison really be “okay” though".

Tristan Tate answered saying, "Romanian prison wasn’t. But going to die against the Russians is worse"

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