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Tristan Tate demands social media platforms 'age-restrict' Eugenia Cooney's content that Internet labels 'so cringe'

2023-09-24 21:53
Tristan Tate took issue with Eugenia Cooney's skeletal figure in her video
Tristan Tate demands social media platforms 'age-restrict' Eugenia Cooney's content that Internet labels 'so cringe'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Tristan Tate, the polarizing figure in the world of social media influence, has once again made his presence known on platform X (formerly Twitter).

This time, he offered his thoughts on a recent video featuring the American online sensation, Eugenia Cooney.

Tate has a history of candidly addressing fellow content creators, often scrutinizing their content. His comments have consistently ignited controversy and stirred up concerns within the online community, largely viewed as provocative and contentious.

Tristan Tate wants Eugenia Cooney's content to be 'age restricted'

In a recent tweet on platform X, Tate proceeded to share a post by the user @DavidVance, which contained the video clip of influencer Cooney dancing to a song.

Cooney is dealing with anorexia, an eating disorder that leads individuals to obsess about their weight, resulting in an extremely slender physique with visibly bony appearance.

Tate stated that social media platforms should promptly implement age restrictions on Cooney's content.

However, he pointed out a challenging reality, saying that as long as larger-sized dancers are permitted to create videos for children, Cooney should also be allowed to do so too.

Tate wrote, "Age restrict immediately. But… (and here’s the hard part to swallow, no pun intended). As long as the big fat dancers are allowed to make videos for kids, so is she."

Tristan Tate's fans assert that Eugenia Cooney's content is 'so cringe'

Following Tate's remarks advocating for the age restriction of Cooney's content, numerous users took the opportunity to voice their opinions on his statements.

A user wrote, "This is so cringe." Another user wrote, "And when you say that something is wrong with them you are the bad guy."

A user stated, "Does she create videos specifically for children, or do children just happen to watch her videos more often?"

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