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Tristan Tate calls out Instagram and reveals real reason why Andrew Tate was banned, fans say 'don’t ask questions you are our slave'

2023-06-23 21:48
Tristan Tate expressed his frustration over his brother Andrew's Instagram ban and claimed 'history will vindicate' them
Tristan Tate calls out Instagram and reveals real reason why Andrew Tate was banned, fans say 'don’t ask questions you are our slave'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Tristan Tate recently claimed to revealed the real reason behind his brother Andrew Tate's ouster from Instagram. Known for their provocative stances expressed on numerous social media platforms, the Tate brothers have managed to attract a significant audience, despite the divisive nature of their viewpoints.

Tristan and Andrew are currently confined within the boundaries of their residence. Their circumstances have taken a sharp turn as both brothers find themselves entangled in serious legal proceedings. They are being indicted on severe charges including offenses such as rape, human trafficking, and active participation in organized criminal activities.

'History will vindicate us'

In a recent Twitter post, Tristan claimed to suggest the real reason why Andrew was banned from Instagram. He mentioned that Andrew was banned from the platform shortly after, clarifying that it had nothing to do with him being a misogynist. Tristan expressed confidence that history would eventually vindicate them. In the video captioned, "Shortly after this Andrew was banned from IG. Nothing to do with being a misogynist.

History will vindicate us," Andrew can be seen asserting that the COVID vaccine poses no risk to him due to his perceived attributes of being tall, handsome, and "sexy as f**k." He further characterized the vaccine as an "experimental drug" and admitted to being unaware of its potential effects, insisting that he wouldn't take it.

Andrew stated, "I don't see why I need to take an experimental drug, which is what it is - experimental. There has been no long-term clinical trials. Unless these motherf**kers at AstraZeneca can time travel. Which I don't think they can." He further claimed, 'I don't trust they can time travel. So they don't know the long-term effects coz they have never been documented." Andrew also said, "I don't see why I should take an experimental drug to prevent me from something which cannot hurt me, which we know won't kill me because I am tall, strong, sexy as f**k, etc."

"So you are saying that you are prepared to accept an experimental drug being injected into your arms, protect you from something that cannot hurt you just so you can get the same freedoms you had back a year and a half ago," Andrew added. "So, you can go and do the same sh*t you used to be able to do. Now you are gonna allow them to inject experimental f**king DNA-altering drugs into your arm. What the f**k is wrong with you people? We used to be able to do everything we wanted."

'Don’t ask questions you are our slave'

In response to Tristan's disclosure of Andrew's final video on Instagram, numerous users expressed their opinions. One user wrote, "The coward pandemic." Another said, "Comply comply comply and don’t ask questions you are our slave.” A user stated, "The elite enjoy while the poor are punished. Every single time."