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Tom Sizemore's final film gets release date

2023-08-04 15:20
Tom Sizemore's final film, 'Trauma Therapy: Psychosis', will be released on September 1.
Tom Sizemore's final film gets release date

Tom Sizemore's final film will be released on September 1.

The 61-year-old actor died in March at a Los Angeles hospital where he had been on life support since suffering a stroke and brain aneurysm in February and it has now been revealed by The Hollywood Reporter that 'Trauma Therapy: Psychosis', his last movie, will be released theatrically, digitally and on demand next month.

The sequel to 2019’s 'Trauma Therapy' was directed by Gary Barth and written by Tom Malloy and David Josh Lawrence.

Sizemore appears as himself, the host of a Larry King-like TV talk show called 'The Tom Sizemore Show'.

Malloy and Lawrence said: "The first 'Trauma Therapy' was a really fun exploration into the power that a self-help guru can have and how, if he or she used that power in devious ways, the results could be extreme. We were inspired by the likes of Tony Robbins and how he would make his weekend retreat participants walk on coals.

“For the sequel, we had two goals. One, that it would be a stand-alone film so people could just jump right in, and two, we wanted to amp up the danger and the suspense. The people involved in 'Trauma Therapy: Psychosis' would face extreme challenges meant to break them…and all who failed would meet a devious end.”

The movies sees Malloy reprise his role of Tobin Vance, a self-help guru who has been exiled overseas in Scotland.

He recruits a group of patients to attend an intensive retreat, aided by his assistant Elizabeth (Hannah New) and former student John (David Josh Lawrence).