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'Today' host Savannah Guthrie shares adorable photos of daughter Vale as she celebrates her 9th birthday

2023-08-15 12:22
Savannah Guthrie took her daughter Vale to a Taylor Swift concert to celebrate her 9th birthday
'Today' host Savannah Guthrie shares adorable photos of daughter Vale as she celebrates her 9th birthday

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: ‘Today’ beloved journalist Savannah Guthrie has recently shared adorable new snaps and clips of her daughter, Vale, on her ninth birthday.

Guthrie took to Instagram to celebrate Vale’s birthday on Sunday, August 13 and shared a series of snaps featuring the sweet 9-year-old.

Earlier last week, Guthrie was reportedly absent from the morning show, however, she made sure to update her followers and co-hosts about her whereabouts.

She shared multiple snaps on her Instagram account revealing that she was ready to rock and roll at a Taylor Swift concert with Vale.

The two shared an adorable photo all ready to have the best day wearing Taylor-inspired outfits.

Savannah Guthrie celebrates daughter Vale’s ninth birthday

‘Today’ host and proud mom of two, shared sweet photod with her 9-year-old daughter Vale to celebrate her birthday.

Guthrie dons a chic white sundress paired with an olive bucket hat and a charming long necklace, accentuated by dark sunglasses and subtle berry lip.

Beside her, Vale's joyful grin lights up the moment, her white T-shirt and cascading curls framing her delightful expression. Guthrie captioned the celebratory post, “This is nine, and she is divine. and so is being her mommy.”

One of the photos featured Vale making blueberry pancakes while the other showcased the birthday girl in a blue striped sweater with a ‘Happy Birthday’ headband. Guthrie also shared a short clip of Vale practicing cheering and doing a flip outside.

Savannah Guthrie’s joyful reunion at Taylor Swift concert

Meanwhile, Guthrie finally returned to the morning show after taking a few days off to attend Taylor Swift’s concert in Los Angeles.

She revealed on her Instagram that she reunited with an A-list friend as she ran into some friends at the concert. Guthrie was with Vale and explained her whereabouts on her social media.

She posted a snap with ‘Law & Order’ star Mariska Hargitay who played Detective Olivia Benson on the show. Guthrie captioned the post, “miss olivia benson is a swiftie and has the bracelets to prove it!! loved experiencing the magic with @therealmariskahargitay.”

The snaps featured Guthrie and Hargitay wearing friendship bracelets as they appeared to be in the VIP tent or backstage. Hargitay left a sweet comment on Guthrie’s post, “Loved every second with you!”

While Guthrie donned ‘Swift 89’ shirt, Hargitay wore a 1989 shirt with seagulls on it.

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