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'Today' host Dylan Dreyer has a rough fall at NBC set with ‘Strays’ head dog, fans say 'not a good idea to put her in heels'

2023-08-15 12:59
'Today' host Dylan Dreyer left fans concerned after a mishap during a dog trick rehearsal on set with 'Strays' movie lead dog Elsa
'Today' host Dylan Dreyer has a rough fall at NBC set with ‘Strays’ head dog, fans say 'not a good idea to put her in heels'

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: ‘Today’ host Dylan Dreyer has reportedly left her fans worried after taking a tumble during a stunt on set with the lead dog from 'Strays'

Dreyer had a bumpy fall while pulling off a fun trick on NBC set with a dog named Elsa during ‘Today’ rehearsal. Although she managed to embrace the trick well, but it didn’t turn out that way at first.

While Dreyer gave a fright to her fans, Al Roker didn’t stop himself from recording this moment as he posted a clip of the accident on his Instagram.

Meanwhile, Dreyer had recently been on an adventurous and unforgettable vacation to Italy where she lost her entire luggage at Amsterdam airport and enjoyed her vacation wearing her cousin’s clothes and son, Calvin’s PJs.

Dylan Dreyer’s bumpy fall on ‘Today’ set

On Monday, August 14 ‘Today’ broadcast, Dreyer, Al Roker, and Sheinelle Jones welcomed animal trainer, Mark Forbes to talk about how the dogs were trained for the film ‘Strays’.

The hosts were also greeted by Sophie, Elsa, Benny, and Dahlin, the main dog stars of the new movie.

While Dreyer’s attempt to catch Elsa was successful, Roker took to Instagram to share behind-the-scenes from the incident.

In the video, Dreyer is seen standing at the end of a red carpet while Elsa the dog is on the other side. Dreyer has her arms stretched out as Elsa ran towards her and jumps into her arms.

However, Dreyer loses her balance and stumbles, falling and hitting the floor with Elsa in her arms. Although Roker made sure to aware everyone that Elsa and 42-year-old weren’t hurt, it clearly looked like a hurtful fall.

Roker captioned the post, “Our rehearsal for a trick with Elsa for our interview with the head dog trainer for the movie @straysmovie went gray for @dylandreyernbc Both Dylan and Elsa are okay.”

Many fans sparked concerns as Dreyer looked hurt despite her courageous smile on camera and flooded Roker’s comment section to know if she was fine.

One fan wrote, “Hope she's ok. She was more worried about Elsa than herself.” Another one added, “Aussies are the best! Glad @dylandreyernbc wasn’t hurt.”

One Instagram user commented, “Omg! Was she ok??? She’s such a good sport!! Love Dylan”, and another praised her for her talent, “And Dylan managed to fall so gracefully! Now that’s talent 😊👍🏻”

While other fans had a different opinion and gave their suggestions to Dreyer as one said, “Should’ve changed into sneakers before attempting”, and another added, “Not a good idea to put her in heels…”

‘Today’ Jacob Soboroff's playful tease with Dylan Dreyer

During a recent episode of the morning show, Jacob Soboroff engaged in some playful banter with his co-host Dreyer over her lost luggage.

Soboroff took a lighthearted approach to Dreyer’s struggle to retrieve her belongings. While sharing the news desk with fellow NBC personalities Dreyer and Craig Melvin, Soboroff used the opportunity to discuss their weekends and give each other a chance to share their experiences.

Dreyer was the first to speak up, humorously revealing, "I got my luggage back; oh wait, no I didn't," eliciting playful groans from Melvin and Roker.

Dreyer jokingly explained that she had been told someone “would reach out if there was an update”. In response, Soboroff humorously pretended to be the messenger, saying, "Ma'am, we know you're on the Today show; we'd notify you."

He continued to jest with Dreyer during an outro to a commercial break, playfully referencing her lost luggage.

As the upcoming fashion segment was previewed, he quipped, "There are different ways to style a jean jacket from the beach to the office unless you're Dylan cause your luggage is lost.”