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'The Voice' Season 24: Viewers rejoice as John Legend steals Mac Royals from Team Reba after losing battle to Rachele Nguyen

2023-10-25 12:22
'The Voice' coach John quickly adjusted his steal button for Mac Royals, claiming that his voice was a natural fit for Team John Legend
'The Voice' Season 24: Viewers rejoice as John Legend steals Mac Royals from Team Reba after losing battle to Rachele Nguyen

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA: Rachele Nguyen and Mac Royals joined Team Reba on stage to perform "How Deep Is Your Love." 'The Voice' coach Reba McEntire put them together since they're both in the R&B genre, and she believed their tenderness would complement each other.

Reba reminded them that she chose that song for them because the audience wanted to be comfortable with what they were hearing, and she warned them not to change the tune too much.

Niall Horan praised them for taking on such a well-known song, but admitted to Mac that he had a couple of pitch difficulties that he was able to fix in their harmonies. He was startled by Rachele's performance, since he didn't recall her being as excellent in the auditions.

Gwen Stefani admires Mac's "warm and buttery" voice, but she, too, was taken aback by Rachele's intuition at the age of 17.

Mac's voice was described as "gorgeous" by John Legend for its "richness and character," and Rachele performed "so many exciting things" with the tune.

Reba believed Rachele displayed "enthusiasm" and lamented being thrown by Mac's request that they change the melody at the start. Reba chose Rachele as her choice because she is a "package all the way around."

John clicked his steal button and snatched Reba for his own squad before Mac could say anything to her.

On X, fans wrote about the steal, "Awful but Mac great voice. Wrong song wrong coach. John will make him great." Another user chimed in, "I'm glad they both stay, Thank you John steal Mac!!!"

Fans also believe Reba made the wrong choice as they wrote, "Reba made a mistake by letting the guy go. He can sing circle." A fourth user added, "Beautiful performance, Mac Royals!"

Others also tweeted, "So glad my number one choice, Mac, got stolen. John will take him to the top!" While others believe, "Reba, love her, but she did not know how to coach Mac in this moment. I think John will be a better fit to tap into his originality."

Who is Rachele Nguyen on 'The Voice' Season 24?

Rachele's parents discovered she could sing when she was two years old, when they saw she was singing along to the Vietnamese music her father played in the vehicle. Rachele got the opportunity to compete in a Vietnamese singing competition event when she was nine years old, and she quickly became well-known in the neighborhood.

She became interested in performing after seeing the concert, and she has been singing for people ever since. Rachele enjoys playing the piano as much as she enjoys singing.

Rachele, a first-generation Vietnamese American, preserves her culture by learning to speak, read, write, and sing in Vietnamese with the assistance of her grandmother. She can't wait to represent her culture and encourage other young Vietnamese girls on the show.

Who is Mac Royals on 'The Voice' Season 24?

Mac is a former 'American Idol' contestant. On his website, he describes himself as "an internationally recognized creative-singer, songwriter, photographer, and social media influencer." There are two singles available for download for $1.99 each: "At Odds" and "Universe."

He is originally from Wrightsville, Arkansas, where he began singing in church and playing the violin in the first grade. He claims to be a classically trained vocalist.

Under his true name, Malcolm Allen, he participated in Season 13 of 'American Idol' in 2014. He was 21 years old at the time of his audition.

After 'American Idol', he traveled to Los Angeles and was busking when he appeared on the popular Terrell YouTube program many times to exhibit his exceptional singing abilities.

Following his father's death in 2020, he "continued to push, because he's the one who gave me this drive" with "a rebrand" show named "Return of the Mac" in August 2021.

On his website, Mac claims to have worked with P. Diddy, Silk, Kelani, Mario Winans, and a slew of other well-known musicians.

He also founded the 365 Arts Foundation to provide youngsters in his native state with art opportunities similar to those he saw in Los Angeles.

'The Voice' Season 24 airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET and Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on NBC