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The View's Ana Navarro calls hubsand Al Cardenas 'delicate and sensitive' after a vacay pursuit left him 'hurt'

2023-08-15 11:53
Ana Navarro takes a dig at her husband before defending him the comment section
The View's Ana Navarro calls hubsand Al Cardenas 'delicate and sensitive' after a vacay pursuit left him 'hurt'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Ana Navarro has left no stone unturned when it comes to documenting her summer vacation, away from ‘The View’ and all the way in Turkey.

She has updated her fans every step of the way as she spends a splendid holiday with her husband, Al Cardenas.

As Navarro continues to fill her Instagram with vacation pictures and videos, she also shared her experience with a hammam, which is a Turkish bath.

Navarro claimed she felt “brand new” after the experience, however, Cardenas didn’t feel the same.

Cardenas complained to his wife that the process “hurt” him and his knees, to which Navarro responded, “he’s far more delicate and sensitive.”

Ana Navarro jokes about husband Al Cardenas

Navarro posted a video and a picture from the Turkish hammam, both of where she looked fresh and rejuvenated as she spoke about her experience.

‘The View’ co-host captioned the post, “For me, travel is all about new experiences. Today I had a Hammam, a Turkish bath. The concept is they scrub off dead skin cells. Though I think they take some live ones too.

She added, "I feel brand new. Like a burnt pot that has been scrubbed shiny clean. I thought it was amazing."

Navarro's husband Al did not take the scrub too well. Navarro said about his predicament, "Al says it’s his first and last - “Mami, it was too hot. The marble hurt my knees. They scrubbed me to hard. It hurt.” I think he’s far more delicate and sensitive than I am—- not a high bar.”

Although Navarro joked about her husband in the caption, she did explain a little about it his knees in the comment section, after one of her followers tried to defend Cardenas.

Ana Navarro responds to comment about her husband Al Cardenas

This wouldn’t be the first time Navarro has responded to a comment during her trip to Turkey.

Previously, she clapped back at a troll who asked her to never wear a bathing suit again. However, this one was a little different.

One fan came to Cardenas’ defense in the comment section and wrote, “In Al’s defense he does have bad knees, doesn’t he.”

Navarro responded to the comment, “He had a terrible accident that required extensive knee surgery during covid. He missed a step of stairs while carrying a bunch of boxes of useless shit he bought on Amazon. It was bad.”

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