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‘The View’ host Joy Behar warns producer Brian Teta not to ‘edit out’ announcement of her gig from show’s podcast

2023-10-14 11:22
Joy Behar and 'The View' producer Brian Teta sat down to discuss a plethora of topics and the host announced her upcoming gig away from the show
‘The View’ host Joy Behar warns producer Brian Teta not to ‘edit out’ announcement of her gig from show’s podcast

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: ‘The View’ host Joy Behar was furious at producer Brian Teta for threatening to edit a segment from the podcast, ‘The View: Behind the Table’ which contained an announcement of her new project away from the morning show.

The 81-year-old recently sat down with Teta to discuss a plethora of topics during one of the recent episodes of the podcast.

In the episode, Behar opened up about acting in an upcoming play. She enlightened listeners about her role in the play.

Behar then asked Teta to “not edit” out her announcement, to which ‘The View’ producer responded, "Not that you'll know” before promising that he indeed won’t cut it out of the podcast.

Joy Behar snaps at Brian Teta after making major career announcement away from ‘The View’

Teta spoke about Theresa Caputo during the podcast episode and Behar jumped in with an exciting piece of news upon hearing Caputo’s name.

"She's in one of my plays, you know," Behar interjected during the podcast, adding, "Wait, I have a play called 'Get Me Theresa Caputo',"

She added, "This is a good moment for me to plug my plays.”

Teta agreed, "Every moment is, go ahead!"

Behar then gave details about the play to the listeners. “Go to our website, and you will see Bonkers in the Boroughs, and you will see where you can buy tickets."

She continued, “It's part of the New York Comedy Festival," Brian added as Joy insisted tickets were "not that expensive."

The ‘The View’ star, who has written the collection of five short plays, boasted, “I'm in the play, I'm gonna be in one of them. I play as someone who can contact the dead.”

She reiterated, “It's called 'Bonkers in the Boroughs, November three, four and five. Check out the website.”

Behar mentioned a few of the actors in the play and reiterated when it was taking place. "And don't edit that out!" she told Teta, as she continued to interrupt him.

The executive producer responded impatiently, "I won't edit it out!"

He then snarkily added, "Not that you'll know, it's not like you're gonna listen, but no, I will not edit it out.”

Joy Behar uses NSFW language on ‘The View’

Only recently, on October 7, Behar celebrated her birthday. The now 81-year-old used an offensive word while addressing her co-hosts on the show.

At the beginning of the October 6 episode of ‘The View’, Sunny Hostin, prompted Behar to talk about an event she had coming up ahead of her birthday.

Another of the women at the table, Sara Haines, asked, "Are you having a party?"

Behar responded, "No doubt, that when I'm not sitting here being interrupted by you biotches, I'm writing plays now. This is my new chapter."

The hosts and the audience all let out a laugh, but Behar barely cracked a smile.

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