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'The View' host Ana Navarro calls Donald Trump's Georgia indictment 'good news' as fans celebrate along with her

2023-08-15 13:15
Ana Navarro celebrates Donald Trump's fourth indictment in Georgia all the way from Turkey
'The View' host Ana Navarro calls Donald Trump's Georgia indictment 'good news' as fans celebrate along with her

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: As of August 14, Former President Donald Trump has officially been charged in Georgia, which now counts as his fourth indictment, as per The Washington Post.

This indictment was made public late night on Monday, and Trump, along with 18 others have been charged in connection with efforts to overturn Joe Biden's victory in 2020.

Although 'The View' co-host Ana Navarro isn't currently in the United States, she is celebrating this news from the other side of the world, in Turkey. As Navarro spends a lavish summer vacation with her husband in Turkey, she takes to Instagram to express her thoughts about Trump's latest indictment.

Ana Navarro talks about Donald Trump’s indictment in Georgia

Ana Navarro has taken over Instagram to share a screenshot of an article by The New York Times announcing the indictment.

In her caption, Navarro wrote, “Just waking up in Turkey to the good news. And yes, it is good news to know that unlike many other countries around the world, in ours, not even a former President is above the law."

"Trump was not Commander-in-Chief. He was Criminal-in-Chief. It is simply puzzling and flabbergasting that the Republican Party, which once prided itself in being the law-and-order Party is about to nominate a guy under uno, dos, tres, cuatro indictments. Four!" she continued.

"And as a reminder for the hundredth time, indictments are handed down by grand juries made up of regular Americans who see the evidence and hear the preliminary case," she added.

"Not Joe Biden. Not DOJ. Not the so-called, “deep state.” Regular Americans of all colors, creeds, and political persuasions doing their duty and serving on a jury," Ana Navarro concluded.

Fans celebrate 'good news' with Ana Navarro

‘The View’ co-host has garnered a large fan following, who have gathered to celebrate this “good news” with Navarro, in the comment section.

One fan wrote, “He’s collecting indictments like Pokemon cards,” while another said, “The Trump Transnational Crime Syndicate is going down.”

Fans have flooded Navarro’s post with anti-Trump comments as one fan wrote, “Cheetohead better go to jail along with the other goonies indicted with him."

One more said, “We are going to be dancing in the streets, Ana!” “Music to my ears; the more indictments the better chances he’ll end up in jail (hopefully before ending up 6 ft under,” wrote another fan.

In addition, some fans rushed to Navarro’s social media after hearing the news as one fan commented, “I immediately ran to your page to read your response.”