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'The View' fans back Ana Navarro as she calls out Miami Seaquarium over beloved Lolita's death

2023-08-20 13:46
Lolita the whale, also known as Tokitae, who had been entertaining people while in captivity for years, died on August 18
'The View' fans back Ana Navarro as she calls out Miami Seaquarium over beloved Lolita's death

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: NPR reported the death of Lolita, the oldest whale who was held in captivity and never got a chance to return to the ocean. According to the report, she died of a “renal condition.”

‘The View’ host Ana Navarro has taken to Twitter to express her anger, frustration, and remorse over the death of Lolita, as she labeled the whale being in captivity as “animal abuse” in one of her two tweets.

Fans have rushed to support Navarro as they agreed with her about the alleged unfair treatment that Lolita reportedly went through while in captivity, in her final days.

Ana Navarro calls out Miami Seaquarium over whale Lolita's death

‘The View’ hosts’ tweets were filled with anger and sadness as she paid her respects to Lolita.

In her first tweet, Ana Navarro wrote, "I am livid about this. The owners of the @MiamiSeaquarium should be held accountable for animal cruelty. No wonder the orcas are pissed off. May your soul finally roam free, Toki.”

Navarro’s second tweet reflected her anger toward the situation as she wrote, “Humans must stop this insanity of keeping these majestic animals in little tanks for our entertainment pleasure. It should be illegal."

Further adding, "How is this not considered animal abuse? Imagine living our entire lives in an 8 x 8 cell and being asked to perform tricks every day. So cruel.”

Internet heartbroken as they pay their respects to Lolita

Navarro’s fans have responded in agreement with her as one fan wrote, “Of all the species, humans are the most cruel,” and another tweeted, “Exactly Anna they are not here for our amusement 🤬She is now. Free ✨”

Some have also agreed with Navarro to hold Miami Seaquarium responsible as one fan wrote, “Yes, Miami Seaquarium is responsible for her decades of suffering ... but so is EVERY single person that pays money for a ticket to these whale and dolphin "shows." Pledge to stop buying tickets to these aquariums. All of them.”

People have continued to express their remorse over Lolita’s death as one wrote, “This is heartbreaking. She was so close to coming home 💔” and another tweeted, “Just heartbroken 💔. We use these beautiful creatures for our own gain. It’s reprehensible.”

Some have labeled this entire incident as “inhumane” as another fan responded to Navarro, “It's absolutely soul-crushing to think of a beautiful creature like this relegated to a tank that is the size of a speck of sand. It's inhumane and immoral.”

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