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'The Gorgas really hit rock bottom': 'RHONJ' star Melissa Gorga slammed for shading Teresa Giudice with new merchandise

2023-06-08 09:23
Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga were accused of fighting like 'kindergartners' at 'RHONJ' reunion
'The Gorgas really hit rock bottom': 'RHONJ' star Melissa Gorga slammed for shading Teresa Giudice with new merchandise

MONTVILLE, NEW JERSEY: Melissa Gorga's new reunion merch is a dig at her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice, during their continuing conflict. As 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' star took to her Instagram to announce the launch of her new merchandise, she was blasted by followers online, who accused her of attempting to profit off Teresa.

Andy Cohen slammed Teresa and Melissa for acting "like f-king kindergartners" at the tense 'RHONJ' reunion. Teresa's new spouse, Luis Ruelas, has further exacerbated the co-stars' antipathy against one other. Teresa and Luis allegedly persuaded Melissa's husband Joe Gorga to divorce her amid unfounded adultery allegations. She, on the other hand, has disputed the claims and accused Gorgas of requiring the plan for her "storyline" on the Bravo reality program. Teresa also says that the Gorgas were involved in her 2013 fraud prosecution, after accusing her brother and sister-in-law of putting her "in jail."

'I know you hate me. But just try to control yourself '

Melissa launched a black crewneck sweatshirt ($55) that reads, "I know you hate me, but just try and control yourself," on top of a set of lip glossed lips - a comment she told her sister-in-law while applying gloss during the emotional season 13 reunion of 'RHONJ'.

"I know you hate me. But just try to control yourself” crew neck or hoodie out now!!!" captioned the Envy store owner. It doesn’t seem like Teresa will be purchasing this particular sweatshirt.

'You’re making your storyline about Teresa'

Viewers who witnessed the heated reunion on June 6 on Bravo, took to the comment section to call out the 'RHONJ' star. One user commented, "Girl, you cannot call out Teresa for making her story lying about her brother when you’re coming out with merch like this…. Babe, you’re making your story line about Teresa and trying to profit off of it. Not cute!" Another one recalled, "Dina said once that Melissa loves to stir the pot and then walk away with half a smirk…. So true….always firing teresa up to then play victim." A third user quipped, "Imagine making money off of being rude to your family." Another user noted, "Good lord… this is nothing to brag about.. anything to make a buck." One viewer further commented, "Your whole life revolves around Teresa and it’s embarrassing." Another person chimed in, "OMG! The Gorgas really hit rock bottom!!! They need any penny they can get. It really is a shame!" One user asked, "What a shame. Are you this hungry for a dollar? I guess Teresa did get your contract cancelled." Another user added, "She’s gonna have sell more than sweatshirts once that Bravo money is gone!"

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