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'That lying twerp': Piers Morgan hailed for pulling no punches while debunking Omid Scobie's 'Queen Camilla' claims

2023-11-29 19:15
Piers Morgan calls Omid Scobie 'lickspittle' in a tweet about his recent column debunking the reporter's claims
'That lying twerp': Piers Morgan hailed for pulling no punches while debunking Omid Scobie's 'Queen Camilla' claims

LONDON, ENGLAND: Piers Morgan received the support of the Internet when he slammed the royal author Omid Scobie for claiming in his book - the ‘Endgame’ - that the talk show host has "regular chats on the phone" with Queen Camilla.

Morgan further denied the allegations that the 76-year-old Queen Consort of the United Kingdom thanked him for "defending the firm" when he criticized Meghan Markle following her infamous Oprah Winfrey interview and called Scobie a "lying twerp.”

What did Piers Morgan say?

Scobie, who has had his fair share of controversies after lying about his age to journalist Andrew Billen in 2020, has been shredded by Morgan, both on his eponymous talk show on TalkTV and in his column for The Sun.

During the talk show, Morgan termed Scobie “a liar” while having a conversation with historian Tessa Dunlop.

In his heated rant, Morgan described Scobie as “the heavy-eyebrowed little weasel who makes a living peddling constant garbage about the Royal Family on behalf of the world’s most disingenuous victims Meghan and Harry.”

After debunking Scobie's "lies" about his personal life, Morgan claimed in his column, “he lies about me too.”

He then continues to narrate the instance where Meghan Markle’s biographer wrote about him having regular conversations with the Queen.

Morgan wrote, “In the book, Scobie states as fact that Queen Camilla and I ‘enjoy regular chats on the phone,’” before refuting the claim, “But the truth is I’ve never had a single phone conversation with Her Majesty in my entire life.”

Morgan then continued to note that Scobie had falsely claimed Queen Camilla thanked the talk show host when he called Meghan the “Pinocchio Princess.”

In this column, Morgan wrote, “He also says that ‘When Piers called the Duchess of Sussex “Pinocchio Princess” and then a “race-baiter” on Good Morning Britain… it was Ca­milla who quietly thanked him for defending the Firm.” Morgan then terms this entire episode as made-up, terming it was “a lie.”

Morgan wrote, “I had no contact with Queen Camilla in that period whatsoever,” before conceding however, “I did with some other members of the Royal Family, as I said at the time, but not Camilla.”

He continued, “Scobie just read what I said, and wrongly guessed it was Camilla.”

Morgan also labeled Scobie as a "lickspittle.”

While Morgan vehemently denied the claim of having a telephonic conversation with Queen Camilla, he was, nonetheless, a part of a luncheon where the Queen was also a guest.

In 2022, Camilla attended a luncheon along with Dames Judi Dench and Maggie Smith among other dignitaries. Piers Morgan and broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson were also in attendance, per Newsweek.

The Queen was criticized heavily later because of her participation in the luncheon as three days after the event, Clarkson shaded Meghan in his column published in The Sun.

Clarkson wrote in the article that he had a dream where he saw Meghan stripped and walking through the streets where people were shouting “shame” and throwing excrement.

After he was found guilty of breaching the Editors Code of Practice, Clarkson apologized later.

'It is indeed the END GAME for Mr Scobie'

Internet championed Morgan as he shredded Scobie for his purported lies.

One of the social media users said, "Don’t know if he’s a liar. But I think that’s probably what a twerp would look like!"

Someone else said, "We're familiar with all these Let them try something new."

Another social media user said, "Sue him Piers!"

"I’m genuinely baffled as to why any publishing house would want to publish anything he writes as he’s been proven as a liar under oath! Unless he’s writing a really bad fiction book then I could understand but this is real and all he’s proven is he is a pathetic little mouthpiece," said another netizen.

Another user rallied, "Sue him. Piers. Would love to see this liar in court, he deserves it."

"Please don’t give him any publicity 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼," begged another user.

Another supporter of Morgan wrote in the comment section on YouTube, "Other than the money of course, I wonder what Scobie thinks he's going to achieve by publishing this book."

Someone else wrote, "You are right Mr Morgan, it is indeed the END GAME for Mr Scobie."

Referring to the Sussexes, one of the netizens said, "Sue him for printing lies! There can be no denying their involvement , be it directly or indirectly!"

"How can Scabies get away with publishing so many lies?" said someone else.

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