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Taylor Frankie Paul: 5 unknown facts about TikToker who got arrested amid divorce

2023-05-20 15:29
Here are some less known facts about TikToker who is facing charges of assault
Taylor Frankie Paul: 5 unknown facts about TikToker who got arrested amid divorce

Taylor Frankie Paul, who garnered 4 million followers on TikTok, is embroiled in several controversies! All thanks to her relationships, pregnancies, breakups, and the recent arrest that was made. According to Narcity, the TikToker was arrested and is facing charges of assault, criminal mischief, and commission of domestic violence in the presence of a minor child, as confirmed by the Herriman Police Department in Utah.

Earlier, she gained huge popularity when she admitted to the controversial "soft-swinging" and on confirming her separation. However, she is now back on her social media, actively posting about her life updates. Amid all of this, let's uncover some unknown facts about the Mormon TikToker.


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5 unknown facts about Taylor Frankie Paul

5. Taylor Frankie Paul admits to 'soft-swinging' with her friends

As per Narcity, The Mormon mother admitted to engaging in "soft-swinging" with her friends and their husbands during a live webcast in May 2022 as she discussed divorce rumors. The influencer said in the video that her ex-partner Tate Paul never "fully went."

4. New boyfriend's debut

Four months after her divorce drama from Tate Paul, Frankie Paul started sharing TikTok posts introducing her new boyfriend, Dakota Mortensen, who is a real estate agent and also a business owner in Utah.

3. She suffers from depression and mental illness

In her Instagram story, shared by New York Post, she wrote, "The last few weeks have been the hardest weeks of my life, I wanted to thank all of those who have been by my side, those who reached out and the strangers that stopped to hug me." She added, "I've silently been working on healing, therapy, a blessing, starting classes, and got on antidepressants to help me during this time. I'm starting to feel progress and will be back to work soon. Again just thank you for those that have given me grace at this very difficult time."

2. Mother of two

Taylor and her ex-husband Tate Paul have two children together. In May 2022, Taylor announced their divorce while discussing their "soft-swinging" lifestyle and naming several other "MomTok" influencers as participants in the scandal.

1. The ''s***tiest" year of her life

In an Instagram post, Paul opened up about "the S***tiest year of [her] entire life" which included her divorce and the fallout from her confession, including an ectopic pregnancy and "deep depression."

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