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'Surreal state of politics': Seth Meyers' late-night show fans react to Trump's name being floated for Speaker

2023-10-05 20:58
Late-night discussions on Wednesday were centered around the removal of Kevin McCarthy as the House Speaker
'Surreal state of politics': Seth Meyers' late-night show fans react to Trump's name being floated for Speaker

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Seth Meyers does it again! The ‘Late Night Show With Seth Meyers’ recently brought up recent developments suggesting that some GOP lawmakers are considering an unconventional move - former President Donald Trump taking on the role of House Speaker following the ousting of Kevin McCarthy.

In light of the news, Meyers took to the ‘A Closer Look’ segment on the show and jocularly highlighted Trump being an unlikely nominee as the next Speaker.

Floating Trump

Late-night hosts are having a field day with the ouster of Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker of the House. Seth Meyers weighed in on the situation, pointing out the irony that the position attracts those who might be considered a bit "insane."

In this amusing turn of events, some Republicans are even floating the idea of bringing Trump for the job. The political drama took an entertaining twist in the late-night spotlight.

Meyers started, "House Republicans have once again descended into chaos and paralyzed Congress after they ousted former speaker Kevin McCarthy, who lasted just nine months on the job, replaced him with nobody, and then left town".

He then continued, "And now some Republicans and GOP pundits are floating the possibility of making Donald Trump the new Speaker of the House".

"Seth is back providing cathartic comic relief to those so exhausted by the Republican Clown Show," a fan quipped.

One wrote on the video’s comment section, “It'll be interesting watching Republicans nominate a guy who can't complete a sentence, to be Speaker of the House”.

Another penned, “Being speaker of the House is an actual job with real work that you have to do. Trump wouldn't last a day”.

One user under the name @silvermainecoons3269 commented, "It’s SO good to have Seth back. He is the only one that can make me laugh at the surreal state of politics."

Trump will 'will make the House great again'

After a motion to vacate by Rep Matt Gaetz resulted in the removal of Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif from the House speaker position, an unexpected candidate is now being proposed for the role: former President Donald Trump.

As per Fox News, in a statement made on October 3, Texas Rep Troy Nehls outlined his priority upon the House's reconvening, stating that he intends to nominate Donald J Trump for Speaker of the US. House of Representatives.

He emphasized, "President Trump, the greatest President of my lifetime, has a proven record of putting America First and will make the House great again".

Rep Greg Steube, R-Fla, echoed this sentiment on X, "@realDonaldTrump for Speaker" on the evening of October 3.

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