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'Stop the falsehood': Internet backs Megyn Kelly as she calls out NPR's unverified Gaza casualty report

2023-10-31 15:17
Megyn Kelly calls out NPR for running news headlines about Gaza casualties without 'sourcing' it accurately
'Stop the falsehood': Internet backs Megyn Kelly as she calls out NPR's unverified Gaza casualty report

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Former Fox News and NBC star Megyn Kelly has called out National Public Radio (NPR) for reporting a casualty statistic from Gaza without “sourcing” it from any verified authority.

The veteran journalist addressed this discrepancy on the latest episode of her podcast, informing her viewers that NPR is allegedly spreading Hamas’ propaganda in the country.

Meanwhile, Israel has already launched a ground operation in Gaza with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disclosing that Israeli forces had unleashed the second phase of the Gaza war to “destroy the enemy above ground and below ground,” Reuters reported.

However, Kelly was furious at NPR and other pro-Hamas rallies ongoing in the US and expressed her concern for the growing leftist movements.

Megyn Kelly slams NPR for reporting Palestinian casualties without verification

The 52-year-old told her viewers that she was listening to NPR earlier when she heard them say, “6,000 Palestinians” were dead in Gaza.

Kelly was skeptical at this number and questioned NPR about their source.

Kelly said, “One of the first things I heard on NPR was all about the devastation of the poor Palestinians. I think they said 6,000 dead, a number that hasn’t been verified.”

She lashed out at the non-profit radio for not even verifying the numbers before reporting.

She continued, “They didn’t even bother to source it. I mean the other papers at least said, 'Oh according to the Palestinian Health Ministry', which we now know is Hamas and all the papers were embarrassed, having run with the hospital attack but even today they didn’t even bother to source it on NPR that 6,000 Palestinians are dead.”

She questioned NPR and said, “Really? Are there? According to whom? Says who?”

Kelly then addressed the bigger picture of how the media and the leftist organizations allegedly continue to paint Israel as an apartheid state.

She said, “So now you have the media working against you and the Hollywood crowd here in America working against you and this growing leftist belief on college campuses and beyond that Israel is an occupier, that Israel has created an apartheid state, that this boils down to skin color..”

Kelly concluded that there is an ongoing “PR war” and Hamas is doing “good” at it.

Netizens also lash out at NPR for allegedly running Hamas propaganda

Even the netizens didn’t spare NPR after listening to Kelly. One said, “NPR is radical left and has been for quite some time.”

A second wrote, “Is NPR still supported by the American taxpayers? I can't abide NPR.”

A third said, “NPR seems to jump on the bandwagon and do NOT review their proclamations for accuracy or validity. Biased, impulsive, and non-verified have become their norm. NPR needs to slow down and stop the falsehoods.”

Another added, “NPR - a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” while a user renamed NPR as, “National Propaganda Radio.”