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'Stay the course': Internet joins Mark Wahlberg in cheering for Bam Margera’s sobriety months after arrest for public intoxication

2023-12-02 21:45
Mark Wahlberg congratulates Bam Margera and wishes him 'God bless you' on completing 120 days of sobriety
'Stay the course': Internet joins Mark Wahlberg in cheering for Bam Margera’s sobriety months after arrest for public intoxication

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: Former 'Jackass' star Bam Margera reached a sobriety milestone and expressed gratitude to skateboarding, the gym, and his fiancee for keeping him sober — all while receiving encouragement from Mark Wahlberg.

Margera was earlier spotted working out with his girlfriend Dannii Marie at a San Antonio gym run by Jarred Taylor, who also co-founded the Black Rifle Coffee Company and previously collaborated with Mark Wahlberg on 'Lone Survivor', as per TMZ.

Margera celebrated one month of sobriety in September after a string of unsettling incidents, including an arrest for public intoxication in March and an escape from the scene after allegedly threatening to harm his family and hitting his brother.

'God bless you bro': Mark Wahlberg congratulates Bam Margera

The 44-year-old 'Jackass' actor posted an Instagram video of Wahlberg encouraging him as he reached yet another significant sobriety milestone.

In the brief video, Wahlberg could be heard saying, "So happy for you and your sobriety. Wow, 120 days. God bless you bro, hope you and your family are well and I look forward to connecting with you soon."

He continued, "I’ve always been such a big fan and I look forward to seeing you brother."

Margera was eager to accept Wahlberg's invitation to meet up, even though he acknowledged to TMZ that the two had only met a few times at business events and parties and weren't well acquainted.

In the post's caption, Margera thanked the 'Father Stu' actor himself, adding, "Thanks to mark wahlberg for the positive words! Who’s counting anymore when your happy 🤟🏻"

Despite his stake in Flecha Azul Tequila, the 'Fighter' star—who is known for leading a stringent lifestyle—revealed that he has given up alcohol.

In an interview with People, the 52-year-old explained why he stopped alcohol consumption. "I’m not ignorant to the fact that I’m definitely past the halfway point," Wahlberg remarked at the time.

"I know in order to be more flexible and have more longevity, for me, it's all about mobility and flexibility," per Daily Mail.

Bam Margera thanked girlfriend Dannii for his sobriety

The TV celebrity, who has been in legal trouble before, appreciated his girlfriend Dannii for keeping him on the right path and claimed he owed his sobriety to her, the gym, and his passion for skating.

Margera has demonstrated his commitment to his new, healthy lifestyle by uploading several new videos on his Instagram account.

He had previously shared footage of himself displaying his feats while skateboarding at a skate park in Texas. He also shared a video on Instagram showcasing his yoga skills and yoga ball workout regimen with his girlfriend.

All of Margera's hard work seems to have paid off, as he revealed to TMZ that he was preparing a trip to California to see his 5-year-old son Phoenix after receiving clearance to see him again.

Internet unites in wishing Bam Margera well as he pursues sobriety

Following Wahlberg's congratulatory message, internet users immediately took to X (formerly Twitter) to praise the 'Jackass' star's 120 days sobriety journey.

One such user praised the actor and wrote, "Keep is up bam love ya dude"

"Hell yea! Proud of him! I know how hard it is!" exclaimed one user while another one chimed in, "That's amazing! I'm SOOO rooting for him!"

Another user added, "AWESOME to get support from this cool star

"Good for you Bam. Stay the course," stated another well-wisher.

One more exclaimed, "BAM!!! 120 Days is amazing!! Great Job!! Show us that 90 day token!! We love you, keep up the great work one day at a time!!"

Several others commented on the Instagram post, showering congratulations for the milestone achievement.

One such follower commented, "Big accomplishment! Those who don’t know what it takes, can’t know what it means to break those chains"

Another user echoed the sentiments and said, "Let’s go great work Bam! stay focused brother we are all cheering for you!"

"Congratulations bam!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 five years clean and will never look back your a huge inspiration always will be!!!" said another follower.

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