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'She thrives on drama': Kim Kardashian slammed over love letter she received from Britney Spears' former 'evil manager' Lou Taylor

2023-05-12 15:57
Kim Kardashian revealed a love letter she received from Lou Taylor, the alleged mastermind behind Britney Spears' controversial conservatorship
'She thrives on drama': Kim Kardashian slammed over love letter she received from Britney Spears' former 'evil manager' Lou Taylor

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In a shocking turn of events, Kim Kardashian recently took to social media to reveal a love letter she received from none other than Lou Taylor, the alleged mastermind behind Britney Spears' controversial conservatorship. The letter's emergence has sparked widespread curiosity and speculation about the extent of Taylor's involvement in the ongoing conservatorship battle.

The content of the bombshell letter read, "Kim, How you work and how you love is evident to all who know you, You are respected and loved! Lou and The Tri Star Team." However, as the battle for Britney's freedom intensifies the letter's existence alone has raised eyebrows prompting a flurry of reactions from fans and the media alike slamming the Skims founder.


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Who is Lou Taylor?

Taylor founded Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group in 1992 and currently serves as its president and CEO. With offices located in Nashville and Los Angeles, Tri Star offers a wide range of services such as "accounting, financial statement preparation, royalty and participation rights audits, tour accounting, production accounting, estate planning, and domestic and foreign tax filings," as stated on their official website.

Taylor's role as CEO involves overseeing the operations and management of the company. Tri Star's esteemed clientele includes notable names such as Jamie Lynn Spears, Steven Tyler, Mary J Blige, Gwen Stefani, Priyanka Chopra, and Meghan Trainor, including the Kardashians, among others. Notably, Taylor has previously worked with Britney and Niki Taylor, although they are no longer her clients. Her former clients are Britney and Niki Taylor.

What is Lou Taylor's association with Britney Spears?

Lou Taylor has been extensively involved with Britney, serving as her business manager since 2008, the same year that Britney's conservatorship began. Taylor has been managing Britney's finances and career and has played a key role in the conservatorship arrangement.

She has faced criticism and scrutiny from fans and media alike for her handling of Britney's affairs and has been accused of prioritizing financial interests over the pop star's well-being. Although, Britney's decision to remove Taylor as her business manager has not been publicly disclosed.

What is Kim Kardashian's association with Lou Taylor?

Previous reports have indicated that the Kardashian-Jenner family had a working relationship with business manager Lou Taylor in the past. According to documents obtained from the California Secretary of State by Page Six, Taylor has been listed as an "agent for service of process" for various companies linked to the family.

While the specific details of their professional association have not been extensively disclosed, it has been reported that members of the Kardashian-Jenner family, including Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Kris Jenner, and even Travis Scott, have had some form of collaboration with Taylor.

'Shame on You!'

Internet users unraveled their fury on Kim for posting the letter. One user wrote, "It’s no longer possible to be a fan of Britney and Kim at the same time." "It’s about time for the Kardashians to be cancelled once and for all," added another. A third claimed, "Possibly a Distraction? Why else risk posting? Waiting for the Bombshell!" A fourth stated, "Seeing someone violate the rights and privacy of someone else and then thinking they won’t turn on you too is a wild thought process, Kim." A fifth claimed, "Kim thrives on drama and generating controversial content. Despite being fully aware of the situation, she deliberately posted it on her story to provoke a reaction. It's time to stop granting her a platform, as she seems to solely relies on controversies to sustain herself." "Shame on You @KimKardashian," read a tweet. One user claimed, "Kim Kardashian’s Instagram following dropped 57.5% after supporting Britney’s evil business manager Lou Taylor. #JusticeForBritney."

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