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'She is her only competition': Taylor Swift rules Spotify with 90M more daily streams than artist at No 2

2023-11-13 15:19
Taylor Swift tops charts and breaks records on Spotify, as she becomes the No 1 daily streamed artist
'She is her only competition': Taylor Swift rules Spotify with 90M more daily streams than artist at No 2

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Taylor Swift set the Spotify record of the most streams in a single day on October 27, according to a statement posted by the streaming company on X.

At present, the daily number of streams of her songs is approximately 111 million, which is about 90 million more than those vying for the second spot.

In the tweet, Spotify further stated that '1989 (Taylor’s Version)' had also set an annual record as Spotify’s most-streamed album in a single day so far in 2023.

The overall numbers for the album or Swift’s total as an artist, which is customarily revealed by Spotify when announcing records being broken, were not done in this case, reported Variety.

However, they did state that the new Vault track ‘Slut! (Taylor’s Version)' debuted in the US at the top of the chart with 5.2 million streams, and globally with 11.3 million. On the global chart, a non-Vault track, 'Style (Taylor’s Version),' slipped slightly ahead of the previous song, debuting with 11.6 million streams.

'1989 (Taylor’s Version)' tracks occupied the top 21 positions on Spotify’s daily US top 50 ranking

The top 50 charts, for the US and the world, are published daily by the streaming platform which shows daily stats providing further numerical indication of the strength of the songs on the album.

'IDGAF' by Drake was at spot No 22, while the 23rd spot was taken by a 'deluxe edition' remix of Taylor's 'Bad Blood' featuring Kendrick Lamar. 'Cruel Summer' was at No. 25, giving Taylor 23 out of the top 25 songs on Spotify’s daily domestic chart that week.

The new 'Vault' tracks are clearly more preferred by US listeners. Four of the five Vault songs took up the top four positions on the US chart, Starting with 'Slut!' at the top, and the fifth one being 'Style (Taylor’s Version).'

However, the latter was found at the top of Spotify's global chart, pushing down 'Slut!' to the second position internationally.

Internet reacts to Taylor Swift breaking Spotify records

Swifties are not surprised by the charts and took to social media to show their support.

"The records break themselves at this point… she is her only competition. taylor swift IS the music industry," tweeted a fan.

"She really said party like it’s 1989. And we did," stated another.

"It just can’t be anything different," wrote a third.

"Taylor Swift reclaiming her music, making records, and breaking records at the same time. How inspiring (to) watch her make music," said a user.

"Taylor never goes out of style 😏", tweeted a fifth.

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