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Roseanne Barr wants Lizzo to 'thank her' for representing curvy body types first, Internet says 'didn’t pave the way for s**t except racism'

2023-06-28 14:45
Roseanne Barr's expectation of receiving gratitude from Lizzo has generated several baklashes from social media users
Roseanne Barr wants Lizzo to 'thank her' for representing curvy body types first, Internet says 'didn’t pave the way for s**t except racism'

UTAH, UNITED STATES: Roseanne Barr took to Instagram on June 26, 2023, seeking recognition for her contribution to paving the way for curvy body types in Hollywood. In her post, she shared a throwback Vanity Fair cover from 1994, beautifully captured by Annie Leibovitz, where she confidently posed on a chair, donning alluring black lingerie and heels.

"When is @lizzobeeating going to thank me for paving the way? An homage to Botero,” she captioned the post, tagging Lizzo in it. While Roseanne awaits a response from Lizzo regarding her post, it is essential to note that the ‘Special’ singer has advocated for body confidence and self-love throughout her career.

'Radical and revolutionary!'

Although Roseanne had already represented a plus-size body type in the media before Lizzo's meteoric rise to fame, her public discussions primarily revolved around her weight loss journey. This included a gastric bypass surgery in 1998 and a subsequent tummy tuck. In 2003, she disclosed to People magazine, “It was a little more than a tuck."

In 2014, she shared her experience with a new diet that she described as radical and revolutionary. According to her, the concept was quite simple -- eating less and engaging in physical activity. Speaking to TODAY, she revealed, "I went on a new diet. It’s radical and revolutionary. It’s where you eat less and move more—you know, just simple." She continued, " I just want to keep getting healthy and let go of excess baggage to carry around, so I’m lighter on my feet and in my life."

'Thank you for what, Roseanne'

Roseanne’s direct message to Lizzo has faced enormous backlash on Twitter. While some wrote, “Lizzo actively lifts other women up and makes them feel comfortable in their body, even created her own shape wear line to highlight that. Roseanne didn’t pave the way for s**t except racism.” Another wrote, “Thank you for what roseanne, be fr.”

Another Twitter user commented, “Paving the way for what exactly? nobody owns the concept of being fat and chic and knowing their worth.”

Another hilarious post read, “Paving the way to macdonald’s maybe.” All in all, nobody knows Roseanne’s story, if there’s any!

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