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Robin Roberts’ siblings surprise 'GMA' host with impromptu dance performance at her wedding

2023-09-11 16:15
Robin Roberts' wife, Amber Laign, started to wave a napkin during the amusing performance to show support
Robin Roberts’ siblings surprise 'GMA' host with impromptu dance performance at her wedding

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: ‘Good Morning America’ star Robin Roberts was in for a massive surprise at her wedding when her siblings did the unexpected by taking to the dance floor with an interesting song.

Roberts recently married her long-time partner Amber Laign on Friday, September 8, followed by a wedding reception blessed with the presence of family and friends.

However, out of many surprises, the one that stuck with Roberts the most was her siblings taking the dance floor and breaking into an impromptu performance of the song ‘This is How We Do It' by Montell Jordan.

‘GMA’ host Robin Roberts was surprised by her siblings' choice of song

Robin Roberts was expecting a simple toast from her siblings at her wedding. Instead, she received a dance performance of a song that she never expected.

Her siblings, Sally-Ann Roberts, Lawrence E Roberts, and Dorothy Roberts, slowly made their way to the dance floor as the DJ played ‘This is How We Do It.'

In a brief clip shared by Roberts on her Instagram, the newly wedded couple can be seen clapping and jumping on their seats as Roberts’ siblings took the dance floor.

While Roberts was ecstatic at what she saw, her wife Laign waved a napkin in the air in support of the performance.

The 'GMA' host's three siblings danced and grooved to the song as the photographers around them captured this moment.

Later Roberts posted the clip on Instagram with the caption, "One of many highlights, my siblings surprising us with their song choice before their toast!"

Jokingly she added, "Thought for sure they’d go with a gospel tune, nope!"

Fans complimented the performance of Robin Roberts’ siblings

To be honest, no one expected Robin Roberts’ siblings to break into such a performance but after witnessing their groove, they just had to compliment them.

One wrote, "They were definitely getting their groove on!! Heeyyeeee!! Congratulations again, you two beautiful people!! And this is how you do Ittttt!!"

"Your parents are smiling so big!" said another, while the DJ at the party also commented on the post, "Had to let that one ride. It was a moment."

A fan stated, "This was absolutely beautiful. Your brothers and sisters just made my day," with one adding, “Congratulations. Family is always full of Surprises.”

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