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'Reference from 1776': Jimmy Fallon teases President Biden's turkey pardoning tradition at White House

2023-11-21 19:22
Jimmy Fallon playfully ribbed President Joe Biden's White House Thanksgiving tradition by injecting comedic commentary into the annual ritual
'Reference from 1776': Jimmy Fallon teases President Biden's turkey pardoning tradition at White House

LOWER MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY: President Joe Biden upheld the White House Thanksgiving tradition on November 20 by presiding over the annual turkey pardon. Liberty, weighing 42.5 pounds, and Bell, weighing 42.1 pounds, were granted clemency, offering a fleeting respite amid the pressing global challenges facing his administration.

Following the incident, Jimmy Fallon quipped about President Biden engaging in playful banter with the show's audience, generating laughter as he seemingly sided with Kimmel.

President Joe Biden's turkey

Fallon started the 'Tonight Show' segment by saying, "Well, hey, this is fun. Today, President Biden took part in a classic White House tradition by pardoning two turkeys, named Liberty and Bell."

"Yeah, they could've made Biden look hip by naming them Ken and Barbie, but instead they went with a reference from 1776", he continued,

Fallon playfully teased Biden's turkey pardoning by suggesting that the pardoned turkeys vented their frustration on Truth Social after their release, humorously implying they criticized their "judge" in a tongue-in-cheek twist.

Fallon​ had some fun with Biden's turkey pardoning tradition, highlighting humorous reactions from various figures mentioned in the program.

The segment included jokes about Mitch McConnell being confused, Eric and Don Jr chiming in, Lauren Boebert's remark, and ended with a quip about Donald Trump's response.

He said, "After that the program said...'They have a long flappy neck tissue, known as a wattle'; to which Mitch McConnell said, "You talking about the turkeys or me?"

Kimmel took the turkey narrative to the next level, suggesting that the pardoned turkeys have their own reality show called "Real Turkeys of Gobblers Rest."

The spoofed commercial teased juicy drama among the turkeys, including Marshmallow getting drunk, Peanut Butter's scandalous affair, and Popcorn facing jail for tax fraud.

The humor continued with a mention of an "F-Turkey Island" episode, adding a playful twist to the whole turkey-pardoning tradition.

Joe Biden 'impressed' with 'big bird'

In a metaphorical roast on the South Lawn of the White House, President Biden playfully spared Liberty and Bell from the Thanksgiving oven.

As per CCN, the annual event, known for a feast of fowl jokes, offers a moment of gratitude as the holiday season commences.

Addressing an audience of children from his staff, Cabinet members, local school kids, and more, Biden quipped, "These birds have a new appreciation for the word, 'Let freedom ring.'"

Observing the size of one turkey, he exclaimed, "That’s a big bird, man. I’m impressed." With a ceremonial touch, he officially pardoned Liberty and Bell, extending his congratulations to the fortunate fowls.