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Rebel Moon director Zack Snyder embraces Star Wars comparisons

2023-08-24 17:58
'Rebel Moon' director Zack Snyder appreciates audiences comparing his sci-fi project to the legendary 'Star Wars' franchise.
Rebel Moon director Zack Snyder embraces Star Wars comparisons

Zack Snyder welcomes the comparisons between 'Rebel Moon' and 'Star Wars'.

The 57-year-old filmmaker has helmed the upcoming Netflix sci-fi epic 'Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire' (with a sequel set to follow next year) and is aware of the inevitable links with George Lucas' world-famous franchise.

Speaking to Screen Rant, Zack said: "I don't think you can make a sci-fi movie now that's not going to be compared to a 'Star Wars' movie in some way.

"So I do welcome and am happy to discuss where its place is or where it will end up in popular culture in regard to the legacy of 'Star Wars' and how 'Star Wars' has the lion's share of creative thinking when it comes to audiences and their love of the 'Star Wars' universe and that evolution."

The 'Army of the Dead' director is relieved, however, that he does not have to deal with the pressure of following the existing 'Star Wars' canon and impressing the franchise's expectant fan base.

Zack explained: "The fan base basically aged with the movies and then had children that then also became fans of the movie and their children had children that became fans of the movie.

"I do also understand the love of it and how canonised it is and actually how immobile it is which is probably why I'm here now doing it the way I'm doing it. We have no rules except for the ones we make."

Snyder is grateful that Netflix have let him split 'Rebel Moon' into two parts as it allows the audience to get a broader view of the characters and setting.

He said: "I think by letting it be two movies, it really let us kind of have a lot more character and a lot more worlds to visit and just be more overall exotic and unexpected."