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Ray gets shocked after learning SZA's age as he proposes blind date for Kai Cenat

2023-09-27 20:51
During the recent livestream of Kai Cenat and Ray, they both engaged in a conversation where Ray asked Cenat to go on a blind date with SZA
Ray gets shocked after learning SZA's age as he proposes blind date for Kai Cenat

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Prominent Twitch personality Kai Cenat once again took the spotlight alongside Ray in a discussion about SZA. Initially, Ray suggested a blind date for Cenat.

However, things took an unexpected turn when Cenat was surprised after Ray mentioned SZA's name, hinting at a potential crush between the Twitch King and the rapper.

This revelation left Cenat feeling uneasy, prompting Ray to inquire about SZA's age. Upon learning it, Ray expressed shock.

To provide context, the blind date conversation arose after Cenat had Ray participate in a livestream event. In this segment, Ray was blindfolded and engaged in conversations with female streamers and guests, discussing topics like their age, interests, and hobbies. Continue reading to discover the intriguing exchange between Ray and Kai Cenat regarding SZA.

Ray asks Kai Cenat to go on a ‘blind date with SZA’

In a widely circulated YouTube video, Kai Cenat and his close friend Ray engaged in a lighthearted conversation after Ray's successful blind date. For those unfamiliar, a blind date is arranged by a mutual acquaintance, where the participants may have never met or seen each other before.

In this particular scenario, Ray wore a blindfold and engaged in conversation with a companion, creating a playful twist on the blind date concept.

After the entertaining exchange, Cenat playfully asked Ray, "Should I give blind dates a shot too?"

Ray quickly responded, "Yeah, you should. Maybe even with SZA."

This suggestion left Cenat feeling a bit uneasy, leading him to express, "Stop hyping me, bro. Listen to me, bro. I'm not gonna lie, bro. I'm gonna keep it a stack one more time, bro. I don't think I got her, bro.”

In an effort to boost Cenat's confidence, Ray encouraged, "Nah, you need to believe in yourself, bro."

Cenat then pondered, "But you think like she's a lot more older than me? That's why she don't want me”, followed by a burst of laughter.

Cenat's response prompted Ray to inquire about SZA's age, asking, "How old is she?"

Cenat estimated, "33?" To which Ray responded with playful teasing, "Damn, 36." This exchange led to contagious laughter, bringing the video to an end.

Internet reacts to Kai Cenat and Ray's conversation involving SZA

Upon watching the 'YouTuber shorts' from Kai Cenat live, featuring Kai Cenat and Ray's conversation involving the rapper SZA, many fans flocked to the comment section and shared their perspectives.

One fan said, "Damn!! Bro ray is genuinely just funny, and always has me laughing. And Kai sounds so passionate when he says "I don't think I got her bro" 😂 he been chasing that for a while".

Another fan wrote, "“You need to believe in yourself” I don’t know what it is about Asian men when saying stuff like this, but they always sound so profound & wise".

The third fan wrote, "Ray smart as hell he said 36 acting like he didn't hear 33".

The fourth user wrote, "Ray got the toughest DAMMNN I ever heard!!"

The last user wrote, "But your 21 and sza is 33 and she 12 year older that you nah nah".

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