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'Queer Eye': Fab Five help 'Dating On Demand' star Dan Stein become dream man for his girlfriend at 50

2023-05-12 18:16
Dan Stein who first appeared on 'Dating on Demand' was nominated on 'Queer Eye' by his girlfriend's daughter
'Queer Eye': Fab Five help 'Dating On Demand' star Dan Stein become dream man for his girlfriend at 50

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA: Dan Stein is the well-liked and non-camera-shy owner of Stein's Deli. He is nominated by the daughters of the girl he is seeing, and who want the Fab Five to help Dan become the man of their mom's dreams.

When the Season 7 location was initially announced last spring, Dan was a popular contender, quickly coming to mind as a well-liked local culinary personality, recognized for his clever social media presence and his decades-old Jewish-Italian deli noted for its sandwiches. His crew tells the 'Queer Eye' camera that Dan puts on a grumpy face to shock visitors and then draws them in with warmth. His pals adore him, but they also have reasons to despise him. The Fab Five is tasked with fully altering this man, shedding his laid-back demeanor and giving his personal life the same emphasis he gives his work life.


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Who nominated Dan Stein on 'Queer Eye'?

Episode 5's hero Dan is a New Orleans local legend. He has been running Stein's Market and Deli for about 15 years. Cara, his girlfriend, claimed that the deli is the community hub. He's well-known for his bizarre advertising strategies. She believes that half of New Orleans has witnessed her boyfriend's tuchus. Madeline, Cara's daughter, and Dan's nominator, says that every time they go to grab a sandwich, they are screamed at. To call Dan a workaholic would be an understatement. The man works more than 80 hours a week at his deli.

Dan is in his first serious relationship with Cara, his girlfriend of two years. Madeline acknowledges that she has come to like Dan and considers him to be a father figure in her and her sister's lives, but she complains that he is always late. His thoughts are constantly focused on the deli. Her mother phones her at least twice a week because Dan was supposed to come home for supper but is still at the deli. His great heart and loving attitude have won her over, but Dan's harsh demeanor and deli addiction have caused far too many problems in their relationship, and Cara is torn between two worlds.

Dan is so preoccupied in the deli that he is unable to change his clothes or shave his face. Some people use hair products to tame their mane, Dan uses his own saliva. Cara has taken Dan to only one work event. And he was late, and then he was wearing all of his deli clothes, and he also fell asleep. There are times when Cara needs to know she can rely on him and that the deli will not triumph. Dan is well aware that he is in a harmful codependent relationship with the deli. Dan feels a similar sensation of dissatisfaction.

Madeline wants the Fab Five to assist Dan in becoming the lover he needs to be for her mother and in ending his codependent connection with his deli. Their objective was to make Deli Dan Cara's dream man.

Cara's girls weren't the only ones who wanted the Fab Five to work their magic on Dan. A Reddit post was started last year in which people wanted to nominate Dan for 'Queer Eye'. After seeing him bomb on yet another reality show, 'Dating On Demand', years ago, fans were excited to see him on another TV gig.

What did the Fab Five do for Dan Stein?

Beloved style icon Tan France wanted Dan to turn up and be an active partner with Cara. He wanted him to feel a lot more refined and sophisticated for the refined and sophisticated woman he has. Tan took Dan to Jeff's Haberdashery, where he showed him how to roll his cuff in a more fitted way. He got him a version of a sneaker that isn't exactly a sneaker. He could wear that to dinner for Cara. Tan picked a suit jacket for Dan that made him look super chic, but also quite casual, paired well with a denim shirt. He picked a tunic shirt as opposed to a regular chambray shirt, as it looked more interesting. Tan turned him into a young Brendan Fraser.

Culture expert Karamo Brown believed if you wanted to be a successful businessperson, it's great, but you have to attend to other areas of your life. Otherwise, you'll end up being a grumpy old man. Karamo invited Cara's daughters to have a conversation with Dan. The sisters admitted to having a few tough circumstances with Dan. They wanted Dan to be more consistently authentic for their mom and reliable. When Dan played "How well do you know your girlfriend?", he bombed terribly. With the game, he realized he needed to spend more time with Cara. Dan ended up making a big list of issues that Cara may have with him in order to act towards it. He sees a potential path to fix his issues.

Design expert Bobby Berk wanted to make Dan's home somewhere that Cara wanted to spend the night. He wanted them to start sharing more aspects of their life together. Bobby took Dan shopping to help him realize that his home is not a place that feels like a home at all. He got two little chairs for the balcony for Cara and Dan to have a nice moment after coming back home. Bobby made Dan's house less Peter Pan and more the grown-up, successful business owner that Dan is. Bobby built an area in Dan's house where he could spend time not just with himself, but also with Cara. He transformed his house into a venue for entertaining. He put large plants and a chandelier in the bedroom.

Food and wine expert Antoni Porowski wanted Dan to show up for Cara the way he's been showing up for his business. He needed Dan to realize that Cara would appreciate every once in a while having a nice home-cooked meal. Antoni showed Dan how to cook pasta alla norma, Cara's favorite dish, with a twist.

Grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness hoped for Dan to unfurl his fist and let go of his gruff-guy persona. He wanted Dan to move on with some hope and some love in his heart that he can share with Cara, and most importantly, himself. Jonathan wasn't happy that Dan always covered his hair with a hat. Dan got his knees scrubbed by Jonathan, who was initially appalled by it. Jonathan used pre-wash hair oil. Dan looked noticeably more relaxed and happier at the end of his session.

Where is Dan Stein now?

Cara and her kids were delighted to witness a transformed Dan as well as his house. Dan pledges to perform better while he is by Cara's side. Dan's social media, on the other hand, does not appear to be very favorable at the time. People appeared to have left the deli unnoticed during their latest visit. They also stated Dan was dressed in cargo shorts, something we doubt Tan would approve of. His social media accounts do not indicate whether Dan and Cara are still together, but it appears that Dan has outgrown the clothing Tan previously selected for him.

Season 7 of 'Queer Eye' is available for streaming on Netflix.