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'Puff probably wakes up in cold sweats': Fans joke about 50 Cent's plan to produce documentary on Diddy amid assault allegations

2023-12-02 21:23
50 Cent is reportedly creating a documentary based on old rap rival P Diddy's alleged abuse of his longstanding partner, Cassie
'Puff probably wakes up in cold sweats': Fans joke about 50 Cent's plan to produce documentary on Diddy amid assault allegations

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Rappers 50 Cent and P. Diddy have had a longstanding feud between each other.

Recently, Diddy's former partner, Cassie, filed a lawsuit against him for physical and sexual assault, which led to 50 Cent reportedly making plans for an in-depth documentary about Diddy and his alleged abuse of Cassie.

Although the former couple solved their issues privately, others have come forward with similar allegations against Diddy since.

As a result, he has temporarily stepped down from his role as the chairman of Revolt, the American music-oriented digital cable television network he founded in 2013.

Amidst the allegations coming his way, many of Diddy's other partnerships are also crumbling, with many rushing to cut ties with him.

Recently, there have been troubling allegations against Diddy, including rumors from rapper and former Bad Boy member Mark Curry, that the label head was responsible for severely injuring his wife Kim Porter's face and breaking her nose.

Despite P Diddy maintaining his stance that he’s innocent in all of this, 50 Cent threw a wrench in the works on December 1, saying that he is expectedly producing a documentary about the Bad Boy Records Label head who's been embroiled in numerous allegations lately.

What are the chances of 50 Cent creating a documentary on P Diddy?

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, took to X on Friday, posting a screen grab of a Page Six article and captioned it: “RAPPER ? I thought Diddy was a Billionaire music mogul, If he’s smart he will file bankruptcy now. Anyone with real money knows why I’m saying this. Im the best producer for the job guys. here come the receipts.”

And, he isn’t particularly wrong in saying so as evident from his work on projects like ‘Power’ and ‘BMF.’

According to the report by Page Six, 50 Cent’s production company G-Unit Films and Television has previously told the stories of other rappers, including XXXTENTACION, Pop Smoke, and King Von on ‘Hip Hop Homicides’.

They have also explored the world of true crime in ‘Surviving El Chapo: The Twins Who Brought Down A Drug Lord’, showcasing the range of his creative storytelling.

Internet is having a blast with 50 Cent trolling his rival Diddy

Although it is often advised to “not kick someone when they’re already down,” the Internet, however, is ruthless and would almost instantly do the complete opposite of what the saying suggests.

One person on Facebook commented: “50 Cent deserves a statue in his honour for his world class ball breaking. I've never seen a person clown another person so hard for so long. Puff probably wakes up in cold sweats to the sound of 50's laughing haunting him.”

Another person wrote: “50 King petty and I’m here for every moment of it!”

Another person said: “He needs a girlfriend wife significant other or hobby spending way to much time in another man business ijs”

One user commented: “Please do it Curtis and respect for staying on this demon!”

Another user wrote: “50 Cent really knows the 48 laws of power and he been applying them to his rivals”

Another user said: “West Coast vs East Coast...back like popular demand ...revenge time ..Diddy got some sleepless nites”

One person commented: “Lmao he been waiting his whole life for this moment”

Finally, this person wrote: “50 not petty he applying the pressure. Diddy did what he did now it’s up. It’s obvious that nobody wants to spill the beans. Just say it lol… For those that don’t know what going on. Its deeper than music and shopping.”

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