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Pokimane: When streaming pro faked 'sexual' relationship with Twitch star to 'target and manipulate girls'

2023-05-28 15:51
Pokimane reveals an incident and praises female fans for bravery
Pokimane: When streaming pro faked 'sexual' relationship with Twitch star to 'target and manipulate girls'

Twitch streamer Pokimane accused someone in the streaming industry of being dishonest. She said this person pretended to be in a romantic and sexual relationship with her, but it was all a lie. They used fake screenshots of conversations and inappropriate pictures to trick other women in the streaming community. Pokimane believes their main goal was to manipulate and take advantage of female streamers, trying to get explicit photos from them.

Pokimane's serious accusations remind us to be careful and watch out for deceitful behavior in the streaming industry. It's important to remember that some people might misuse their positions or use dishonest methods to manipulate others for their benefit.


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'He acted like he knew and hung out with me'

During a live stream on March 1, 2023, Pokimane made a troubling revelation. She disclosed that someone she and other streamers “have been working with for years” had faked Discord conversations with her and shared them with others. This person intended to gain the trust of female streamers and viewers in Pokimane's community.

According to Pokimane, “He acted like he knew and hung out with me and my friends in person. This is someone I’ve never met, I’ve never hung out with them, let alone had any relationship.”

Concerned girls from her community brought this behavior to her attention and requested to speak with her manager. They provided numerous screenshots and videos of their conversations with the person, which exposed their lies and manipulation.

Although Pokimane hasn't reviewed all the evidence due to concerns about her mental well-being, the information she has seen has exposed some of the most disgusting behavior she has ever encountered. It became apparent that these actions had been going on for months. The individual would deceive the girls, build romantic and sexual relationships with them, and then make inappropriate advances. They would offer to fly them out, arrange in-person meetings, buy gifts, and request explicit photos from them.

'Please reach out to someone'

Pokimane revealed that the streaming industry professional involved in the deceptive behavior would resort to self-harm threats when communicating with the women from her community. He claimed that his supposed relationship with Pokimane had driven him to contemplate suicide. In response, Pokimane requested her audience by saying, "Please reach out to someone”. She emphasized that using mental health or suicide as a means to manipulate or control others is completely unacceptable.

Following the allegations, Pokimane revealed an investigation was launched at the individual's workplace, as per GameRevolution. Once the investigation concluded, he was terminated from his position, as confirmed by Pokimane. However, she expressed frustration that there doesn't appear to be a viable legal recourse available to her in light of the situation.

Nevertheless, Pokimane expressed her gratitude to one of the girls who bravely agreed to cooperate with the investigators. Without their participation, the investigation may not have progressed effectively.