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Pokimane 'can't believe it's 2023' after being told to 'get back in kitchen', fan says 'I would cook for you'

2023-08-05 19:22
Pokimane faced online detractors, including a viewer who told her to 'get back in the kitchen' during a solo queue game
Pokimane 'can't believe it's 2023' after being told to 'get back in kitchen', fan says 'I would cook for you'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Pokimane's 10-year career in live streaming has won her the title of Twitch's most watched female live streamer. She also recently left her content creation group, OfflineTV, to pursue her solo career. She even got into an argument with fellow streamer xQc about him switching to Kick.

As a result, she has become a frequent target of online detractors. She recently chastized some viewers for forcing their misogynistic ideas on the broadcaster. She revealed that one of her viewers told her to "get back in kitchen" while she was playing solo queue game during her stream.

'I cannot believe it’s 2023'

Pokimane recently shared a tweet about the harassment on the internet she got. She tweeted, "I cannot believe it’s 2023 and i’m still being told to 'get back in the kitchen' in the middle of a solo queue game." She, on the other hand, did not hold back in clapping back at the critics. She also fired back at her detractors, flaunting her achievements, "I can’t cook for s**t & playing video games has made me millions of dollars lmao s**k my a**."

On this topic, the 27-year-old streamer received support from her fans and fellow streamers. Several admirers came forward to protect her and support her retaliation against the haters.

'I would cook for you!'

Pokimane's tweet has already gone viral, with 4.3 million people reading it and over 63,000 liking her reaction to detractors. A fan wrote, "I would cook for you!"

Another fan mocked, "Do you play video games that require you to cook in the kitchen?"

One admirer commented, "It’s sad how people think jokes from two decades ago are still funny."

Streamers such as Valkyrae and iGumdrop also came out in support of her career accomplishment. iGumdrop, on the other hand, made fun of her cooking talents, which elicited a funny reaction from Pokimane. iGumdrop wrote, "Can confirm poki is a bad b***h that showed me her chicken noodle soup once and i could not stop laughing LMAO".