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Paige Spiranac pokes fun at herself while flaunting her haircut: 'No one knows I even have a face'

2023-09-29 19:46
Paige Spiranac humorously shared an Instagram incident where her caption led followers to misunderstand her intention
Paige Spiranac pokes fun at herself while flaunting her haircut: 'No one knows I even have a face'

WHEAT RIDGE, COLORADO: Social media influencer and golf personality Paige Spiranac recently used her online platforms to shed light on the intriguing intricacies of digital communication and the way we perceive others.

With a touch of humor, she playfully pondered the common stereotype that men tend to overlook subtle details - a stereotype that seemed to ring true in this particular instance.

Paige Spiranac posted a photo for her followers, accompanied by a straightforward caption that read, "cut my hair." Nevertheless, the reaction she received left her both entertained and mildly taken aback.

Paige Spiranac surprises fans with a haircut

Using her Instagram, where she enjoys a considerable following of 3.9 million, Spiranac shared a snapshot of herself, accompanied by the text, "Cut my hair!"

However, in a subsequent story, she couldn't help but chuckle as she discovered that many of her fans had interpreted her message quite differently.

Instead of recognizing her recent haircut, they had assumed she was soliciting opinions on whether or not she should cut her hair.

Amused by the response, she playfully remarked, "People say guys don't notice the little things" as her fans seemed to have missed the fact that she had already cut her hair and thought she was seeking advice on whether to do so.

Spiranac playfully shared that her direct messages were flooded with well-meaning messages from individuals advising her against cutting her hair, convinced that it looked flawless as it was.

With a touch of humor, she jokingly added, "No one knows I even have a face," before sharing a lighthearted close-up shot of her ample bosom.

She took it all in stride and candidly acknowledged that she had set the stage for such responses herself.

Paige Spiranac's TikTok revelation: What she likes in a Man


Love a golf guy

♬ Way 2 Sexy x Super Freak - DAVO

Paige Spiranac, TikTok's most prominent golf influencer, created quite a buzz among her fanbase when she disclosed her personal preferences in a man.

In a TikTok video posted on September 27, Spiranac expressed her views, sparking an enthusiastic response from her followers.

In the video, Paige Spiranac radiated her characteristic charm, wearing a stylish plunging black zip-up top that accentuated her look.

Her loosely wavy hair added an air of sophistication, and with a welcoming smile, she playfully posed the question, "Oh, you like the boy? Tell me what you like about him?"

As the anticipation built, the words "Plays golf every weekend" appeared across the screen, drawing nods of agreement from Spiranac. She further emphasized her sentiment by captioning the video with, "Love a golf guy."

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