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Paige Spiranac jumps to Justin Thomas’ rescue after hot mic comment went viral, fans say 'keep being you'

2023-06-24 19:21
Paige Spiranac was quick to put overzealous fans in their place after Justin Thomas clarified his comment to Wyndham Clark was misunderstood
Paige Spiranac jumps to Justin Thomas’ rescue after hot mic comment went viral, fans say 'keep being you'

WHEAT RIDGE, COLORADO: There are already enough conflicts in the golfing community, thanks to the incorrect interpretations of remarks made on social media. Many people speculated that Wyndham Clark's first victory may not have been well-received by most professional golfers. It is reasonable to suppose that every player wants the championship for themselves since it is a competitive sport.

A careless but maybe a sarcastic remark made by Justin Thomas at the Travellers Championship went viral owing to a simple misunderstanding. Wyndham Clark, the target golfer, was not offended by the jab and thought it was amusing. Paige Spiranac, a social media star and friend of Clark, had to step in to save Justin after his viral 'hot mic' moment.

'Keep the trash coming'

Paige Spiranac, a social media influencer, doesn't back down when it comes to putting an end to rumors that are spiralling out of control. Although the former ambitious golfer changed her career path to become an online golf influencer and social media queen, she has a solid understanding of the pressures faced by players on the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour.

Justin Thomas found himself in trouble when his hot mic relayed his sarcastic comment, when he joked, “Guy wins one f—ing US Open and I have to mark it from 80 yards.” Thomas did mark the ball as per Clark’s request and the trio which also included Max Homa, continued their stellar performance.

A puzzled Justin Thomas said later that his comment was mere banter and it was just friends poking fun at each other in a tweet to his fans and anyone else harboring a misunderstanding of what went down. Wyndham Clark joined in the fun as well, using words that suggested support, tweeting "They honestly should be mad, I had you mark it and hit it to 30 feet.” Clark added laughing emojis to make it clear he was joking too but, once again, it was misconstrued. Paige supported Thomas when he tweeted his justification to his followers.

Although the majority of the golf fans took the comment in the intended context, some are still mad at Thomas. Spiranac, along with a number of other professional players, past golfers, and community supporters, argued that their jovial language is not understood by outsiders. Spiranac finally appeared to have had enough and stated, “Keep the trash talk coming.” She supported both Justin and Wyndham’s blossoming friendship with her remark, “So many people like seeing you guys have fun out there.”

'Keep being you'

As soon as Spiranac made her comment, fans praised her for trying to nip the controversy in the bud. A user wrote, "the media twist everything. #wtf". The second user wrote,"He wasn’t even close to hitting that line in the end either lol". The third user wrote,"Paige you should be teaming up with @ColtKnost on the tracks, giving your insight. We need you out there." While the fourth user wrote,"Keep being you JT, I laughed my ass off at it".

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