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Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon arrested at NY State Capitol protesting for 'fair' wages

2023-05-12 17:58
'Standing up for what is right, even when you receive no direct benefit, that’s what solidarity looks like,' said a Susan Sarandon fan
Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon arrested at NY State Capitol protesting for 'fair' wages

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: The Oscar-winning actress, Susan Sarandon, was arrested while protesting for an increase in the minimum wage for tipped restaurant employees at the New York State Capitol in Albany on Monday, May 8. According to the New York State Police Department, the 76-year-old actress was one of eight activists arrested during the One Fair Wage campaign on Monday at 1 pm at the state Capitol in Albany. They underwent processing, received appearance tickets, and were then set free.

The eight were temporarily arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct said New York State Police, as per LA Times. Following Sarason's arrest, celebrities and fans applauded her activism. Despite the fact that the 'Thelma and Louise' actor has yet to officially discuss her arrest, celebrities like Rosie Perez and fans have praised her fight for justice.


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What is One Fair Wage?

Sarandon is the president of the group One Fair Wage, which contends that raising the minimum wage without incorporating tipped service workers disproportionately affects women and single mothers of color. According to the website, the group includes "all workers for whom tips are considered wage replacement," including restaurant workers, nail salon technicians, hairdressers, massage therapists, and more.

Why was Sarason arrested?

Last week, lawmakers approved a $229 billion spending plan for 2023-2024, aiming to raise the minimum hourly wage to $17. The demonstrators were arrested after they allegedly started "sitting and obstructing walking traffic" in the legislative lobby of the Capitol, according to police. The demonstrators were freed the following day with a summons to court. Police refused to release the names of those arrested, but footage and pictures taken at the Capitol show Sarandon being carried away in handcuffs by officers. According to WNYT, former New York lieutenant governor candidate Ana Maria Archila was arrested as well.

'Instructed multiple times'

"On May 8, 2023, at about 1:00 p.m., individuals who identified as members of a group called ‘One Fair Wage’ were collected in the North Concourse Legislative Lobby. They began sitting and obstructing walking traffic through the area," says a statement from New York State Police. "They were instructed multiple times to move to a safer location, but eight of the group’s members refused and requested to be arrested. Those eight individuals were arrested, each for one count of Disorderly Conduct which is a violation-level offense. All have been processed and released with appearance tickets returnable to the Albany City Court on a later date. The names will not be released due to the level of offense," the statement adds.

'They are very, very important'

Sarandon gave a speech at the gathering to support the workers before being arrested. "They are very, very important and need to be treated with dignity, not only for the back-breaking labor that they do, but what they have to do to communicate and understand and be patient and all the things that are linked to a successful business," she stated.

Spectrum News 1 Albany reporter Kate Lisa shared a video of the protest on Twitter, showing activists such as Sarandon and former New York lieutenant governor candidate Ana Maria Archila attempting to spread a giant pink flag across the concourse. "Police left activists alone for several minutes. Several were confused why they weren’t getting arrested," Lisa said on Twitter.

'Wish more people had the integrity of Susan Sarandon'

Sarandon is getting accolades regarding her arrest while demonstrating equitable pay for tipped service workers. "Mad respect," the actor Rosie Perez tweeted beside a picture of Sarandon in handcuffs. Marianne Williamson, a writer and former presidential contender, tweeted, "I love her." "Standing up for what is right, even when you receive no direct benefit, that’s what solidarity looks like,” mentioned one user. "Wish more people had the integrity of Susan Sarandon." A user agreed and said, "Love her and the solidarity she displays with other activists—who will surely have a harder time dealing with arrests like this than someone of her fame and resources."

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