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Olivia Dunne reveals secret behind her social media success and becoming world's most-followed college athlete

2023-09-27 16:22
Olivia Dunne has credited her success to her 'balancing act' in life
Olivia Dunne reveals secret behind her social media success and becoming world's most-followed college athlete

BATON ROUGE: Olivia Dunne, an Louisiana State University gymnast and social media star, has surpassed all other college athletes in the world in terms of number of followers.

The New Jersey native has turned her 12 million followers into licensing gold due to corporate partnerships. She has now revealed the secret behind her social media success and how she became world's most-followed college athlete.

How did Olivia Dunne become world's most-followed college athlete?

Dunne insisted that it was her "balancing act" in life that made her stand out when asked about her enormous fan base by Forbes in a recent in-depth interview.

She remarked, "I think it's because I am student-athlete. I go to class, I go to the gym, and I also do work on top of that. I do social media!"

She didn't elaborate when asked how she kept that equilibrium, but when pressed she said, "I think it really helps being present in each moment because it is so easy to get distracted with all these things going on in my life. So, just compartmentalizing everything really helps!"

Dunne continued by praising her family and highlighting their significance as well as the value of having a group of reliable individuals on your side. Dunne has more Instagram followers than athletes like Michael Phelps (4.4 million as of this writing).

In a recent interview, the "TikTok's million-dollar tumbler" also acknowledged that she earns an amazing seven figures, more than any other college athlete in the nation!

Olivia Dunne listed on Forbes Top Creators 2023

Forbes published a list of the top 50 social media creators or influencers in 2023 who are "turning followers into fortunes." The 50 awardees on the Forbes list collectively earned an estimated $700 million from their combined 2.6 billion followers, an increase of more than 20% from the amount of $570 million in 2022.

The influencers were chosen based on their income, popularity, and level of entrepreneurship, as well as their level of involvement as shown by likes, shares, and comments. Olivia Dunne was on number 48.

LSU gymnast and TikToker Livvy Dunne has the ability to make a fortune from endorsement deals and name recognition with 7.8 million TikTok and 4.4 million Instagram followers. She was chosen in April of this year to represent SI Swimsuit. SI calculated Dunne's net worth to be at $3.2 million.

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